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  • We all share a distant relation with animals; their behavioral
    characteristics and love for them intimately connect us. To his peers and foes Mr.
    Trump distinguishes himself with his irritableness and cunning, and…

    • A lot of blah blah blah animals do not have a soul. So we are not distant cousins kissing or otherwise. You babble of words have no validity and lacks common sense. Your just a child who never grew up and runs to and fro without checking your facts.

  • American prosperity churches hit us front and center in
    the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Pastor Joel Osteen became the poster child for
    the Christian 1 percent. Desperate for high ground, the doors of the…

    • Your right he does not work lets his people molest children causes unrest in other nations makes allegiances with Islam and rewrote the New Testament and made the virgin Mary a goddesses who ascended into heaven with a messenger made into a god who is a socialist who wants to enslave the world. Joel Osteen stole money , Trump keeps his word to one God. You keep your word to man who calls himself divine and you light candles at the feet of a rock statute. The Roman Catholic church has spilled more blood promoting a pseudo god. You god has spilled more blood then you can shake a stick at. Just for the record I am not a christian nor am I a Muslim, I believe in one God in the Garden not man that was made into a god like his divine child molester. The difference between you and unbeliever they know why they do not believe you do even know what you believe you listen to men who lie.

    • Doesn’t the Bible say we should not speak evil of dignitaries?

  • The Nordic countries for decades have understood
    happiness, and if you are a person with average talent and income, this is the
    place to settle, but if you aspire to a greater purpose, go visit America, the
    land of…

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  • The distribution of wealth is too important an issue to be left to economists, sociologists, historians, and philosophers. It is of interest to everyone, and that is a good thing.

    More engagement and less […]

    • You sit in the Camp of Ishmael all you are spewing is the same old rhetoric of the communist that has been around for years. Christ has no precept for the distribution of wealth. There is a difference between the distribution of charity and money. Money is a god charity is Christ. You just told the darkness what they want to hear. This concept is like a Lion they prey on the weakest of the flock. People like you push people into darkness.