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  • “He who does not love does not know God, for… God is love”1 John 4:8

    “I AM WHO I AM”

    Or in other words I am the one who is ‘eternally
    existing’, outside of time and space, which He has created.  John wrote i…

    • Man taught the women and children to sin. Man is the seed of the tree the fruit of good and evil and the women is the seed of the tree of life. Man was born dead and God breathed life into him, woman was born alive and God split the seeds apart in later chapters of Gen. She was made from the bones of God for the simple fact that in the early Hebrew languages they did not have pictographs for ribs or bones just pictographs of the flesh of men and women. God never breathed life into the woman he gave her flesh. Woman was deceived into sinning even your New Testament tells you this past the gospels. Look at the Cross and tell me why, the woman is not crucified right along with the men. She is on the Cross you just can not see her because men veiled your eyes.

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