Uploading Picture, Music and Videos

  1. You need to go to your profile page on Godinterest. Then select the “Media” tab.
  2. Next select “Upload” tab.
  3. Now select the file you wish to upload. It can be either a picture, music or a video file.

Note: If you upload a single file, by default your uploaded file will be placed in the ‘Wall Post’ album.

Making an Album

You can create an Album by uploading multiple files together. Upload pictures, music and video in one single album.
Go to “Media” tab, select Upload tab. Now select all the files you wish to upload.
Next you will get an option to select an existing album or create a new album for the files your wish to upload. By default all your uploads are placed in the ‘Wall Post’ album.


GODINTEREST is a digital media website for Christians to express their ideas and share their work on their own terms through writing, conversation, and other media.

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