Account – what you use to access When you sign up for, you create a username and password that allows you to log in to create groups and forums, update your profile and interact with other users.

Blog – a chronological  list of journal entries or articles, called “posts,” published  on a web page.

Categories  – a way of grouping posts together by subject matter.

Comments – responses to posts and pages  on Godinterest, which appear at the bottom of those posts and pages. Comments allow members to share their thoughts.  They’re  enabled on all posts and pages by default.

Gravatar – “short for Globally Recognized Avatar.” This is a photo or image that appears next to your name when you comment on You can upload a Gravatar directly from your profile by clicking on the →  ‘profile’ link and then → ‘change profile image’.

Images – non-text content that you can upload, in the form of .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, or .png files.

Likes – a way to show your appreciation for a post on

Privacy Settings – the settings control who can and cannot view your profile. Find them under My Sites → Settings → Visibility Options.

Profile – information about you that is shared publicly on the internet. This can include your username, first name, last name, and links to your website(s) or social network profiles.

Tag – a way to characterize posts by subject matter, and the way to browse posts by topic. Tags are optional, and posts can have multiple tags.

URL – the abbreviation for “uniform resource locator.” This is also known as a web address, or the characters that you see in your web’s address bar.