Godinterest users can report content that they believe should not be posted in the community. Items that can be reported include:

  • User Profiles
  • Posts
  • Comments

Report reasons

Report reasons list for users, when they are about to report something

E-mail alerts

Administrators and Community Administrators will receive e-mails about new reports

Frontend View

Click Report on the Posts / Comments / User Profiles

Godinterest Docs - Report Button Post

When reporting content, users can select a predefined reason.

Godinterest Docs - Report Button Post
Choose A Format
Voting to make decisions or determine opinions
Formatted Text with Embeds and Visuals
The Classic Internet Listicles
Open List
Submit your own item and vote up for the best submission
Ranked List
Upvote or downvote to decide the best list item
Upload your own images to make custom memes
Youtube, Vimeo or Vine Embeds
Photo or GIF
GIF format