Photo Albums

Creating photo albums

Godinterest users can sort and upload into albums.

In your profile menu you go to Photos and click on Create Album

Godinterest Photo Albums

The next screen takes you to the settings of the albums

Godinterest Photo Albums
  1. Album name is required and is free of choice. You can name it whatever you want.
  2. Set your of the album to Public, Site Members or Only Me
  3. Optional: fill in the description of the album
  4. Upload photos
  5. Create Album

Add Location to Albums

Godinterest users can add location to albums using the familiar location picker overlay. If you’ve ever added a pin to a digital map (or a location to a post), the process will be entirely familiar”¦ and very easy.

Godinterest Photo Albums

That’s all. After that your album will be displayed as in first picture with the other albums.