Main Stream

With the introduction of user following and group following there are 2 options for stream:

  • Community — Posts from the entire Godinterest Community you have the right to see. That’s where the privacy on posts and groups kicks in.
  • Following — Posts only from members & groups you follow. So you won’t see posts from people or groups you don’t follow even if those posts have the privacy settings that allow you to see them.
Stream community following Godinterest Christian social networking

That way with the Community view you can see everything and have a great overview of everything going on in the community. Whereas, Following allows you to focus on the most important things to you things. Your friends, your groups or even people you’re not friends with.

In addition there’s a secondary setting for showing and hiding ‘my posts’. If you don’t want to see your own posts and just focus on others’ go right ahead.

Stream community following Godinterest Christian social networking

Default stream filter: Community / Following. It’s the very first setting when you go to: backend > PeepSo > Configuration.


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