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    Post reviews about Christian & non-Christain books here!

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  • Group logo of Jesus Christ Daily
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    We hope that you will join and participate in this community of Christians on Godinterest.

    Community Rules:
    – No profanity, spam, hate speech, nudity
    – Repeated violators will be banned

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  • Group logo of Pray Together
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    Welcome to the community of Christian believers who pray together for each other.

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  • Group logo of Spiritual Life
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    Spiritual Life section points out several aspects of Christians’ necessary practice for spiritual growth, such as prayer and being honest, which helps us to maintain a normal relationship with God.

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  • Group logo of In God's Service
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    A place for God fearing, brothers and sisters in Christ to share!

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  • Group logo of Christian Bloggers
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    This is a group is for any christian blogger who wants to share their posts. The topics that are shared here will enhance your walk with God, enrich your marriage, help you with your struggles, and give hope.

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  • Group logo of Christian Power Exhortations and Affirmations
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    Daily scriptural exhortations that build the spiritual life of the Believer. These exhortations focus on who we are in Christ Jesus, our right standing with God, and walking in the Spirit.

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  • Group logo of Pagan Christianity
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    Have you ever wondered why we Christians do what we do for church every Saturday or Sunday morning? Why do we “dress up” for church? Why does the pastor preach a sermon each week? Why do we have pews, ste […]

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  • Group logo of Daily Devotions
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    A place for my devotions based upon scripture.

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  • Group logo of LGBTQ Issues & the Church of Jesus Christ
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    Stances of Faiths on LGBTQ Issues:

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  • Group logo of Christian Professionals Worldwide
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    Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and want to reflect this in your professional environment as well? We are a group of God’s Kids who wish to encourage each other in our relationship with God […]

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  • Group logo of Healthy Living
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    This group is for anyone who wishes to live healthy and stay healthy

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  • Group logo of Christian Apologetics
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    To defend the faith with Biblical applications and historical accounts.

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  • Group logo of Godinterest Authors
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    A group of Godinterest Authors. We aim to post tips, guidance notes and answer questions to help you succeed.

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  • Group logo of Christian College and High School Ministries
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    For Christian groups, para-church organizations, student outreaches, and churches who reach young people for the purpose of attempting to stop ”youth exodus” from church through giving students valid and tangible […]

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    Our group’s focus is on family and fellowship. Our topics range from raising children, having a healthy family relationship and how to relate the Bible to our everyday life. The Family Group leads families on a j […]

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  • Group logo of Christianity 101
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    A group for Christians learning to be Christian

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  • Group logo of Godinterest Support Group
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    The most valuable way to contribute to Godinterest is to help others learn how to use the site. The group is intended to be a place where Godinterest users support one another.

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    The Global Issues Special Interest Group aims to provide a forum among Godinterest members to provide a forum for the discussion of global issues

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  • Group logo of Team Building
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    Plan out organization activities for employees is the a success way to inspire them and to increase their capability.

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