The Godinterest Glossary

The Godinterest glossary includes vocabulary and terminology used to talk about features and aspects of Godinterest.


The @ sign is used to call out usernames in Posts: “Hello @godinterest!” People will use your @username to mention you in Posts, send you a message or link to your profile.


A username is how you’re identified on Godinterest, and is always preceded immediately by the @ symbol. For instance, Godinterest is @Godinterest.


Your bio is a short personal description that appears in your profile that serves to characterize your persona on Godinterest.


An internal error in our site code and functionality. We find and fix them all the time (nobody’s perfect). If you see one, point it out by sending us a message.


If you deactivate your account, it goes into a queue for permanent deletion from Godinterest in 30 days.

direct messages

Direct Messages are private messages sent from one Godinterest account  to another  account(s). You can use Direct Messages for one-on-one private conversations.


Subscribing to a Godinterest account is called “following.” To start following, click or tap the Follow button next to the account  name on their profile to see their Posts as soon as they post something new. Anyone on Godinterest can follow or unfollow anyone else at any time.


A follow is the result of someone following your Godinterest account. You can see how many follows (or followers) you have from your Godinterest profile.

follow count

This count reflects how many people you follow and how many follow you; these numbers are found on your Godinterest profile.


A follower is another Godinterest account  that has followed you to receive your Posts in their Home timeline.


A hashtag is any word or phrase immediately preceded by the # symbol. When you click or tap on a hashtag, you’ll see other Posts containing the same keyword or topic.

header photo

Your personal image that you upload, which appears at the top of your profile.


Your Home timeline displays a stream of Posts from accounts you have chosen to follow on Godinterest.

like (n.)

Liking a Post indicates that you appreciate it. You can find all of your likes by clicking or tapping the Likes tab on your profile.


From your own account, you can create a group list of Posts. Godinterest lists also contain a timeline of Posts from the specific accounts  that were added to the list.


Mentioning other accounts  in your Post by including the @ sign followed directly by their username is called a “mention.” Also refers to Posts in which your @username was included.


The Notifications tab displays your interactions with other Godinterest accounts, like mentions, likes, and who has recently followed you.


Your profile displays information you choose to share publicly, as well as all of the Posts you’ve posted. Your profile along with your @username identify you on Godinterest.

profile photo

Your personal image found under the Me icon.


A response to another person’s Post. Reply by clicking or tapping the reply icon next to the Post you’d like to respond to. A direct reply count is displayed next to the reply icon of a Post, and indicates the total number of replies the Post has received.


A timeline is a real-time stream of Posts. Your Home timeline, for instance, is where you see all the Posts shared by your friends and other people you follow.


The date and time a Post was posted to Godinterest.


A Trend is a topic or hashtag determined algorithmically to be one of the most popular on Godinterest at that moment.


A post may contain photos, videos, links and text.


A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address that points to a unique page on the internet.


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