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Love, faith and ambition in the digital age

The romantic drama ‘How We Met’ explores love, faith and ambition in the digital age – where life looks great online, but reality is a different story. How We Met follows the journey of how Francesca and Joseph came to meet. Francesca is an ambitious dreamer who is questioning her dating choices. Joseph is a […]

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What is Trumpism? Does it require the practice of artful deceit? Are we required to bow or fondle in a particular way? If you are for all colours, do you need to learn obedience to just one, and could that be brown? If your dog has a foreign sounding name, is a multi-swinger and not partial to red, is surgery required to remove all indecency?

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I M M A C U L A T E || the Virgin Mary

“I M M A C U L A T E” A modern take of the Virgin Mary.