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Can Going to Church Make Me Live Longer?

Can Going to Church Make Me Live Longer?

Humans have wanted to live forever for as long as we’ve lived at all. It’s an obsession that stretches back so far that it feels like it’s somehow hard-coded into our DNA. Over the years, immortality (to a greater or lesser extent) has been promised by everyone from cults to the cosmetics industry, big tech companies, and questionable food blogs. However, can going to Church make me live longer?

The Significance of the Wild Boars Thai Soccer Team Rescue to Believers Today

Thailand Cave Rescue The Science Behind Thailand's Unstable Caves

This Monday, July 2, 2018, photo released by Tham Luang Rescue Operation Center, shows the boys and their soccer coach as they were found in a partially flooded cave, in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, Thailand. The 12 boys and coach found after 10 days are mostly in stable medical condition and have received high-protein liquid food, officials said Tuesday, though it is not known when they will be able to go home. (Tham Luang Rescue Operation Center via AP)