Since 2014, GODINTEREST has been the leading platform reaching worldwide.

Covering God, faith, life, culture and social good, the stories we tell are at the intersection of where a -centered life is really lived. (And yes, we cover other stuff that’s of interest to our readers.) We reach about 80,000 Christians a month through all of our platforms, publishing daily online.

GODINTEREST enables our members to express their ideas and share their work on their own terms through writing, conversation, and other media and fills a void in the field of faith-based magazines by being both rigorous and accessible. Our goal is to continue to provide a space where our members can develop their voices and share their work and ideas with an audience of their contemporaries.


Jesus is at work in our world today and we, as His disciples, are entrusted with the amazing privilege of being His co-workers. However, there is a mentality around which would suggest that, now we are Christians, this world is like some kind of cosmic ‘waiting room’ in which we sit idly waiting for either death or the return of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth! Rather, we are now to work with Jesus and serve others in His Name. What we do is called ‘ministry’ and the exciting challenge before us is to discover just what kind of ministry we are to fulfill.

Technology and

It’s hard to express the degree to which the Internet is changing society. We started Godinterest with the hopes of influencing culture and creating a Kingdom movement online. With mobile technology becoming such a huge part of our lives most people couldn’t envision life without it. At every point within the Bible, God made a way for His Church to embrace the opportunities to tell more people of His love, and we believe that the Internet is no different. At Godinterest we couldn’t be more convinced that God has a purpose for this technology, and so Godinterest is dedicated to utilizing it to empower believers throughout the world to share the life-changing message of Jesus.

God is awesome. Let’s share that knowledge with the world—one story at a time. You in?



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  1. I wrote one blog on doing the right thing. It was concerned with picking up a hitch hiker or not? After picking him up I was faced with the problem of was i doing good or endangering myself. If you would like to give it a read let me know and I will reblog it .

  2. These are my basic core Christian beliefs:
    I believe in the only triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus put away man’s sin by His life, body and blood as the sacrifice and replacement for man at the cross of calvary for those who will believe this. I do believe He is soon to come again and He is coming for those who are waiting to be rescued from this world and the corruption in it because, by God’s grace, they are counted worthy to be saved out of this world by faith. I believe man’s existence is to, at it’s simplest root, glorify God in all that he or she does and only in God through Christ Jesus will man find their God-given identity. Amen.
    God bless you sir in Jesus name Mr. Dean Jones.

  3. I absolutely agree with, and support your mission. The internet has global ability to beam temptation right into our lives, and facilitates sin on a massive scale. The Christian is not immune, nor are we captive. This is why a site such as “Godinterest” is a haven where one can receive biblical truth, encouragement, and exhortation. It would be my sincere joy and pleasure to be a contributor, and do more to stand the tide of ever increasing, encroaching, and celebrated depravity that ensnares God’s people, and keeps sinners from the saving truth of the Gospel. I would gladly cast my lot and voice into your venture. I see my writing as a ministry, and would love to broaden my scope of service.

  4. Thanks for following Freedomborn but I choose to follow those who respond to all their Comments they receive not just a few. Blogging for whatever reason is not just about us, when someone takes the time to share their thoughts with us we don’t just ignore then or add a quick like, we do to others as we would like them to do to us and what we do for others we are doing for Jesus.

    But I wish you well – Anne.

  5. Thank you, GODINTEREST for following my blog!
    I am honored to be followed by such personalities and will also love to be part of this wonderful MINISTRY as we all await JESUS AGAIN.
    God bless you ALL.

  6. Thank you for reading and following my blog about my journey through pregnancy loss. I love your writing and encouragement to share in ministry!

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  8. Do you mind if I sometimes use an image on my blog? I will be certain to give credit as to where it came from and proper copyright notice. I worked in intellectual property, including trademarks, patents and copyrights, for a number of years as a paralegal, and promise I am sensitive to not simply “borrowing” an image as mine.”

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    THANK YOU for following/subscribing to/reading my blog! It was incredible to sit down for a couple hours and explore who all of you are. Writers, musicians, world-travelers, spiritualists, realists, teachers, and researchers – I am honored to be virtually followed by such a diverse, intelligent, and dynamic crew.


  10. Thanks to Jody for appreciating “A Conversation with God” and sharing it…you may also enjoy this – “Free Will, Domain, and a Continuum of Consciousness” from this irreverent part-time philosopher 🙂

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  12. Thank you Godinterest for creating this blog. We need more people like you in the world who’s paying it forward with motivation rather than money. Stay true, thank YOU! 🙂

  13. Thank you for following, “From the Gross to the Subtle”. I apologize that it took me so long to get over to your blog. I am new to blogging and my original intention was to engage with my students. It’s been wonderful to see all the talent around! As a spiritual seeker, I appreciate your passion. I look forward to parousing your many beautiful posts–past and future.

  14. Hi Godinterest. Thank you for the follow on my blog site Your site has such striking photography! I enjoyed the compassion photos. Blessings.

    • Hi

      Our developers are currently working on our whole infrastructure we got some exciting features coming this year. Regarding iPhone and andriod apps we hope to have these launched by the middle of this year. We know that sounds like a long time, but it’s take a lot of time and expense to develop a good app. God Bless

  15. Thanks ever so much for the follow! I confess it feels a bit like swimming upstream at times in terms of gaining online presence. Always great to be noticed to further His message! Blessings on your lovely efforts here!

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    I finally took a moment to find out about Godinterest. Not really on the computer all that much, just to post inspiration that seems right for souls besides myself. Your site is refreshing and all encompassing for each one of us, collectively. I really like that.

    Hope you are having a wonderful evening. Thanks again.

    Cindy Eksuzian

  27. Godinterest (the Christian version of Pinterest). 🙂 Now that’s something. 😉 First thing first, thanks for stopping by on my page. I assume “Christian” caught your attention, am not surprised, given your username. I will look out for some posts here. Thanks again. 🙂

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    Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the annual Winning Women for Christ retreat in Georgia. I walked away with affirmation of God’s calling for me to become a full time Christian speaker.

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  32. Welcome to QuickStudyProphetic! It will be great walking with you and being a source of encouragement to your life. God bless. Please feel free to enter into discussion and bring your perspectives with love. Richard Jordaan. Great idea. You’ve got a lot of media to compete with. Good luck!

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  45. I wanted to be original in the comment but eventually I have to say like the rest of the commentators….. I thought this idea for your blog was great, and also great that you stumbled upon my little crazy blog. I´m a believer of God, but I´m not quite certain I´m his best sheep in the heard. Again, appreciate and I´m thankful you stopped by.

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    I write mainly about faith and mental illness, but am known to dabble in other subjects, stories and poems as the Spirit leads. If you have any requests, please let me know.

    I look forward to seeing what develops with “Godinterest” and pray you are blessed in your ministry as you are a blessing to others.

    Tony Roberts

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Really appreciated. And a big thanks for all the hard work you put into your ministry. We would not exist without people like you, so God Bless You in all your ministry. In terms of subjects, we welcome all faith, family and relationship etc from a Christian prospective. Mental illness is a growing concern and affects all communities and groups.

  56. What a great idea! I came by to thank you for the follow and am pleased to see what you are doing. I plan to reciprocate! 🙂 God bless your ministry!

    • Thank you for your feedback. We would also like to thank you for writing amazing blogs. We look forward to welcoming you. Please do let us know if you need any help getting started. Please also let all your friends know! God Bless You

    • Thanks for taking a look. Please let us know if your require any assistance getting started. God Bless

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