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JESUS?? Really??

We have a son named Daniel and a daughter named Rachael. We have five amazing Grandblessings. Sue Ann my adored has one brother and two sisters. I Have two brothers and one sister and another sister who was a twin unfortunately died when she was just 12 months old.

It’s amazing what you don’t know about people even when you have known them for quite a while isn’t it!  Some people feel they know our family well yet I can tell you what we are really like because I know them all so well.

Most people have at least heard about Jesus – they may have even formed a mental picture in their minds as to what he looked like, what he wore, where he went, where he was born even how he died and for the majority of people out there that’s about it.

To get to know Jesus better check out the gospels – here we have the facts from the people who knew HIM better because they actually lived their human life here on this amazing spinning ball we called earth with Him during the three short years of His ministry.

Most people that I have talked to assume they know Jesus, yet I wonder at their complete lack of knowledge regarding Him. They readily tell me that he was a great teacher or that he came completely from left field, or even that he didn’t exist. Some tell me he was the founder of Christianity some even tell me he was the son of God.

Knowing about Jesus intimately nearly always brings surprises – he is the SURPRISING JESUS.

I think the most surprising thing about Jesus is His complete trust in the Father – He knew he was born to die and die horribly for us – for example if Jesus had died peacefully in his sleep one night then I doubt the impact of the life changing and incredible sacrifice for our sins wouldn’t have had the impact it had on that terrible but beautiful day on Calvary all those years ago.

Do you know the real meaning of the cross? many people wear crosses with no idea what they are adorning the necks with and how the REAL cross saves people even today.

The REAL Jesus can change your life!

John R W Stott asks in his book THE CROSS OF CHRIST why the cross emerged as the symbol of Christ? Why did the early Christians not choose a crib where he was born, or a boat where he preached, or towels with which he washed dirty feet, or the stone rolled away from the tomb where he rose?

Stott goes on to say that while Jesus’ birth and life and preaching are all so vital – It’s his crucifixion and resurrection that are absolutely central to really knowing him.

I truly believe at his death on Calvary and that last cry IT IS FINISHED was a shout of victory not a cry of resignation – Jesus had finished the work he was destined to fulfil.

The Father’s will was completed – Jesus had paid the price for you and me to know Him fully. It is really really sad that many people don’t grab hold of the incredible truth and apply it to their own lives – if they did they would notice a HUGE change

The resurrection of Jesus of course is the very climax of the life of Jesus and being raised he is again with the Father, It is really THE most important event in the history of world,

One amazing day the heavens will open wide like a huge scroll and then everyone who has gotten to know Him not just on paper but intimately known Jesus and invited Him into their hearts to rule their lives will be caught up to meet Him – an amazing event indeed.

Jesus came to earth to save sinners like you and me. If you are one of those people who couldn’t care less about what happened 2019 years ago then I urge you to take a bigger and better look at who Jesus really is then sit down and really think about what you have learnt – it could have wonderful unimaginable or disastrous consequences of your life.

Once we are dead it is far too late to come back – there really are no second chances after that but let me tell you this one important fact about Jesus – he died for your sins. The sins you committed before you knew him, the sins you have committed since knowing him and even the sins you will commit in the future,

All you have to do is come before the Lord, confess your sins – ask Him to rule your life and to truly repent asking him to forgive you.

Once we have given our lives to Him – then His very spirit will come in and take up residence in your life, then when you do mess up His spirit will prompt you to come back ask forgiveness again – it really is that simple.

It is really simple but is THE biggest decision I made such a long time ago. Did I ever mess up since making that decision? Of course I did and still do BUT the most amazing part is that God in his mercy and because of what Jesus did on that cross is so willing to forgive me.

Of course it doesn’t mean that I can live my life doing exactly what I want and when I want to do it – my whole demeanor changed that day and I really want to live for Jesus. He always ALWAYS prompts me and helps me to confess and restart when I mess up.

Come to Him today.

Do you know JESUS???   REALLY??

I Promise

I Promise

The Lord is trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does” (Psalm 145:13). The mothers of the nation of Israel, Sarah and Rebekah, both have stories marked by the power of God. They both saw God move in wonderful and amazing ways, in impossible situations. Wouldn’t you think they, of all people, would trust God completely?

Yet both women’s stories show them taking God’s promises into their own hands. Sarah heard God’s promise to give Abraham a son through whom He would build a great nation. When the promise was delayed Sarah devised a plan for Hagar to serve as a surrogate so that “through her I can build a family” (Genesis 16:2). The world is still suffering the consequences. The Lord told Rebekah that her younger son would rule over his older twin brother, yet when the time came for Isaac to give the blessing, Rebekah schemed to make sure her favorite younger son was in place under his father’s hand. Because of her actions Jacob was forced to flee from the wrath of his brother and she never saw him again.

I understand that tension. God has made promises to me and circumstances made those promises seem impossible. The truth is, I am as guilty as my ancient sisters of trying to manipulate God’s promise into fruition. And just as it did for them, my actions always led to frustration, heartache, and emptiness.  Sarah and Rebekah doubted God would keep His promise. So have I. They determined it was up to them to see God’s plan fulfilled. So have I.  Ultimately God did fulfill His promises to them and to me. He was and is faithful after all.

The Bible assures us that “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ” (2 Corinthians 1:20). Unlike you and I, God does not make promises He cannot or will not keep.  Charles Spurgeon says, “God keeps His promises before He makes them.”  Think about that.  When God makes a promise, it is as good as done no matter how the situation looks. God can be trusted to fulfill what He has promised.

Now think about what God has promised to you.  Can you see the thing coming into reality right now?  Probably not.  Does that mean that God will fail to keep His promise?  Absolutely not.  It means you need to keep your eyes on Him and not on the circumstances.  It means God is going to do something amazing before your eyes.  In fact, the more impossible the situation looks, the bigger the miracle to bring it to fulfillment.  And you don’t want to miss that do you?

Beloved, you and I do not have to doubt that God will keep His promises.  We also don’t have to scheme and plot and manipulate to bring God’s promises to fruition.  It is completely His job and He doesn’t need any help from us.  Anything you and I may accomplish by our feeble actions will be empty and vain.  Everything God does to accomplish His promises will be extraordinary and beyond our wildest expectation.  I know this from His Word and from my own experience.  When I stand aside in faith and let God be God, He blows my mind!

Our only response to God’s promises should be “May it be to me as you have said” (Luke 1:38) as we wait – not in frustration and doubt – but in eager anticipation.  God is faithful.  He will not fail you.  He always keeps His Word.


Holy Father, You are the great Promise Maker and the faithful Promise Keeper.  Sometimes You make such amazing promises we wonder if they can really be fulfilled.  Give us faith to watch and wait, knowing that when You do what only You can do, it will be more than worth the wait.  Amen

We Need To Change How We Talk About The Bible

 Roy McMahon/Getty Images

I like to win arguments.

I like being right. I like showing people that I’m smart. I like using my knowledge and proving a point. It’s fun. I enjoy the rush it gives.

And it may be one of the most destructive things I can do as a Christian.

“The defeat of the intellect is not the object in fighting with the sword of the Spirit, but the acceptance of the heart. In this case, therefore, I drew back.”

– George MacDonald

The mentor of the famous C. S. Lewis shares just what is wrong with Christians fighting, bickering, debating back and forth until there is one winner.

That isn’t the point.

The Bible isn’t somethign we use to defeat or destroy, belittle or beat  a brother or sister in Christ. It isn’t a weapon for us to weld to prove how excellent we are at exegesis. It isn’t a stool or an escalator we get on to elevate ourselves above the rest of the Body of Jesus.

If it is, we need to check ourself. Before we wreck a lot more than ourself.

The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God is not for destruction or defeat. While it does pierce through to the heart, dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow (Hebrews 4:12), the end goal of the Bible is not the demise of anyone.

The disciple Peter spoke well to this matter, when asked if he wanted to depart from Jesus,

“Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.“”

– John 6:68

While this first applies to the words of Jesus, it does extend to all the words of Scripture. They are words of life. They are words that do not destroy or defeat or diminish. They are words that encourage, strengthen, and build up.

After all,

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

– 1 Timothy 3:16-17

If we are discussing, digging, debating, theorizing, or theologizing with the intent to win, we have failed. And we need to step back.

MacDonald says, “I drew back.”

Like a retreat, a purpose full pause, a chance to reflect and re-evaluate what he was doing.

I think I need to do that more often. I’m sure a lot of Christians do, but I’m thinking about myself for a second.

I am smart, but I know there have been times I have used my knowledge, my wisdom to trounce other Christians, belittle them to elevate myself. I have argued people into corners, made them second guess what they believed just to prove I knew better than they did.

That’s not the point. That’s not what the Bible is supposed to be used for. And there is nothing about that kind of action or attitude that is Christ like.

I need to draw back a lot more often than I do.

This isn’t an anti-debate or anti-intellectual statement or quote either. The mentor of C.S. Lewis? How could a man that taught one of the greatest Christian thinkers be anti-intellectual?

No. MacDonald saw in himself, and I’m sure in others, that while debate and figuring things out is of great value, rightness isn’t the end goal.

A renewed mind and an upright spirit are. The repentant heart.

are your conversations, your debates, your theologizing changing hearts or earning you victory points?

One is in line with the heart of Scripture, the word of God.

The other may be the most destructive thing you can do as a Christian.

This article first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.


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The Offensive Magistrate

The Offensive Magistrate

In many governments the candidates for the highest station are above the law and if they attain the object of their ambition, they have no fear of being called to account for the means by which they acquired it.

Trump came to us in 2015 and was elected on lies.  He is in the White House not because of competence or any burning ambition to serve his country, but because he cast himself as the people’s crusader to hollow out the swamp and breathe new life into American industry.

He entered politics with fraud and falsehood and his ordinary and vulgar acts of intrigue were designed to depose and destroy those who stood in the way of his greatness, and until we have recompensed him, until we ourselves have been instrumental in promoting his happiness, we feel ourselves still loaded with that debt which his past services have laid upon us.

Sound familiar?  The day after the mid-terms from the rostrum of shame, President Trump read out the names of Republicans who lost and offered “no love or embrace”, Carlos Cubulu, Mike Kaufmann, Barbara Comstock, Peter Roskam, Erik Paulsen, Bob Ugan, John Faso and Mia Love.

For those counting, that’s eight fellow Republicans Trump name called because they didn’t bend in the right place.  His duplicitous reign may very well continue, but the Republican Party no longer fear him, and clear association was drawn to the strength of the blue wave and Trump’s repulsiveness.  

Flake made clear on the floor of the Senate during the week that he would not vote for any more of Trump’s judicial nominees until the Senate votes on a bill to prevent special counsel Robert S. Mueller III from being fired, a pledge that could complicate Republicans’ hope to confirm any of the 32 judicial nominees pending before the full Senate or advance any of the 21 nominees waiting for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s endorsement. 

Polling has long indicated a majority of the population want regular order restored and the aisles crossed in pursuit of common-sense policy, but Trump is not for order, regular or otherwise, because he continues to undermine our electoral integrity.  He offers no evidence of voter fraud because his base requires none, instead he peddles a variation of his 2016 nonsense, this time involving a change of shirt, hat and circling vehicles. “I’ve had friends talk about it when people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles……and vote again.”   

In normal times the highest civil magistrate would be entrusted with the power not only of preserving the public peace by restraining injustice, but of promoting the prosperity of nation states, by establishing good discipline, and by discouraging every sort of vice and impropriety. Such magistrates would prescribe rules which not only prohibit mutual injuries among fellow citizens but command respect for office.

Why was a bipartisan bill to prevent interference of the Mueller enquiry necessary?  Because we have a magistrate who tears at the fabric of life and is decades long in his disdain for any law which does not advantage him.  Trump is not of civil society and has no natural love for it or any desire for the union of mankind to be preserved.

He has never been politically tethered to the sensible because being precisely the opposite is what got him into the presidency. He understands deeds rival words and frequently reminds us of his enormous achievements……….the economic health of the economy, the roaring stock market, the inactive unemployed because of all the jobs he has created, and all of this is true, but this story started in 2010.

The takeaway is clear. Trump is still working off the base built by President Obama. The economy added more jobs in every year of his second term than it did in Trump’s first year. The economy is estimated to have gained 4.2 percent in the second quarter of 2018, but that pales in comparison with the 5.1 percent and 4.9 percent growth in the second and third quarters of 2014 under Obama. 

Trump called the economy a disaster during the campaign, and now brags about the low unemployment rate, the positive jobs reports and growth in GDP. So, if Trump is taking credit for the impact of the tax cut on economic growth, he needs to accept blame for the massive boost in the deficit which will scar generations to come.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something,” wrote Upton Sinclair in 1935, the great American muckraking journalist, “when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”  

Trump is not compromised by salary because he doesn’t take one, but he remains conflicted because of his self-dealing and undermining of tradition and laws. If he had conscience, he would understand that when he viciously attacks the nations fabric, independent judiciary, media and intelligence agencies, all 17 of them, he undermines the existence of civil government which depends upon the obedience paid to the supreme magistrate. 

There was a time in our 241-year-old history when Congress was such a magistrate and where committees of enquiry functioned as they should, in a bipartisan way.  Politics has always been present and testy discourse a feature of house and senate life, but rarely has a White House been more deplorable in its conduct and a President more infantile and lawless.

The story of Trump is the European version of our 1940 past, of closed boarders and deep suspicion of neighbours, which didn’t have a good ending then, and Trump’s incessant attacks on science and government won’t end well now. 

The fires raging in California have been caused by strong winds roaring through dry terrain and human action through tools, toys and mistakes, but in much larger part, the fires are an act of god, climate change to be precise, and it is the response from government departments and the spirit of the community which has brought this under control.   

Trump continues to attack government agencies, the same ones which have made it possible for him to communicate directly to his 60 million twitter followers.  The internet was born not through industry but through scientific agencies, and Trump’s administration and private sector beneficiaries would do well to understand this.

“It is impossible to get an executive of an internet company to understand anything if the value of his (or her) stock options depends on not understanding it.”  There are two things in particular which venture capitalists who run such companies have a vested interest in not understanding.

The first is the state is not the almighty pain in the backside they claim it to be. To listen to some of them you’d think the only thing standing between us and paradise is the nation-state, with its clueless legislators, obsolete laws, red tape and regulatory impulses.

When the European court of justice dared to decide that people had a “right to be forgotten” corporates were aghast at how Europeans were opposed not only to free speech but to innovation itself.

The clear accusation was that anything tech companies do is innovation, whereas all public agencies (of which courts are one) do is impose a brake.  The reality is that without the state and it’s so called sinister agencies these corporations couldn’t exist, never mind thrive. It is precisely the role of the state which provides the courts and the legal system that protects their intellectual property and infrastructure.  

Or, as Senator Elizabeth Warren put it: “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.  You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory……….but part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”  

The second thing the brains of Silicon Valley have a vested interest in not understanding is all of their wealth stems ultimately from something built by the nation-state, and some of it depends on things built by people who gave it away for free.  For without the internet, which was not built by private enterprise, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo or Microsoft, but the US government, none of these digital corporations would exist. 

When the 45th magistrate cries foul, de regulates everything he can get his hands on while talking a story of growth which started under President Obama, he would do well to understand the connecting plug to his obedient followers will one day be severed because there is a greatness in America that Trump has never understood, and not even his twit machine spreading false rumour and outright lies will change this destiny.

When the Republic stood for self-awareness and understanding, self-preservation was possible because men and women were taught to applaud whatever promoted the welfare of wider society, and to blame whatever was likely to hurt it, and now the blame is squarely directed at President Trump, the offensive magistrate, for all the division and injury he continues to cause.