The Prodigal Son

The story of the Prodigal son is a heartfelt of God's relentless love for us. He gives us the ability to choose Him, He waits for us to turn towards Him, He see us, chases us down, wraps His arms around us, us and celebrates our return back to Him.

But I would to suggest that there are two Prodigal sons in this story – the other is the older son. He remained at home whilst his younger brother left. When he hears His rejoicing over the return of his brother he is vexed. So much so that he chooses not to rejoice too. You see, the older son worked diligently since his brother left.

He missed a beat, except for the beat of His Father's heart, it changed the day his youngest son left home. The older son didn't know that because he had wasted his time seeking His Father's approval on the estate rather than those precious in His Father's presence. Where are you today? Are you working for Our approval or seeking to be in His presence?

It's your decision how you spend your time – Sophia Peart

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