Not long ago I accepted the challenge to assist the Mayor of London and other community leaders in gun and knife crime. I began feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Have you ever felt inadequate for what you have been called to do? Well, you’ not the first one to feel that way! 

So often, when we think of Moses, we remember him as the great spiritual giant who led the Israelites out of captivity. But, did you know that Moses doubted himself too? He didn’t feel equipped. In fact, he had a speech problem that made him self-conscious! simply said to him, “What do you have in your hand?” God showed Moses that didn’t matter what he thought he needed. The God of the can take what you have and turn it into whatever it needs to be, in order for you to accomplish what He’s called you to do. Hallelujah!!! 

, what do you have in your hand? It may not seem like much, but God wants to use it. He wants to take you to places beyond your wildest dreams. He wants to live out His purpose and pour out His and favour on your . So go forward and take your opportunity, don’t forget – you miss 100% of the opportunities you never take… 

“Then the LORD said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’…” (Exodus 4:2). 

Let’s Pray  

Yahweh, today I release to You all that I am and all that I have. , at times I feel overwhelmed and inadequate by the assignments You give me. I beg You to give me confidence, faith, and the ability to do what You’ve called me to do. Please remove fear or any negative emotions or people, so that Your will can be done. God, I invite You to flood every part of my being with Your Spirit and use me for Your glory. I Thank You, by faith, for using what You have given me in my hand today, in Christ’s name! Amen. 


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