If you’ve ran any race, to win, not just to take part, you know that a number of things are important in order to win. These are , and discipline. 

We can’t expect to win a race without a purpose. Purpose will provide you with the reason you are running the race. Your purpose may differ from another but will be fuelled with passion for the race ahead and will propell you towards the finish line.

Focus will cause you to clearly envision the reward, which is the for everyone. It will teach to appreciate the journey may differ for each runner depending on a variety of unseen and unknown factors. and judgements become useless as no two runners are the same.

So then a strategic plan is required to run this race with purpose and focus. The strategy for each runner is the same – Discipline. Not that the runner disciplines others but rather the runner focuses on their own self-discipline. What is your purpose? How focused are you on the reward?

Are you practising self-discipline? – Sophia 

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