Are you ok? Painful memories? Is everything in your life good right now, or are you suffering?  I can relate. 

Life can be painful sometimes. We all wish we could have seventy years of goodness, but that isn’t life. Throughout my life, has taught me valuable lessons regarding painful memories that I would like to share with you. God is and will walk with us each step of the journey. He will never leave us or forsake us, and His grace and strength are always sufficient. Although some days you may doubt it. 

Another lesson is that, even though we may have forgiven ourselves and others, painful memories can tend to keep coming back. I asked God how I could stop the memories from coming back. He reminded me of ’s verse in Philippians 3:10. I should thank God for the experience, every it pops up in my mind. As bad as it may be, He reminds me that I have the of feeling a little of ’s suffering. 

Today when I look at my experiences from God’s perspective, suffering is a privilege. So, I may get to know Him more deeply. I would not have chosen some of the deep valleys I have gone through, but now I am thankful for them. Jesus, our Master, and said we could expect trouble when we follow Him. We shouldn’t be surprised! But He is there with us, feeling our pain, strengthening us, loving us, and giving us grace and wisdom. 

“That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering” Philippians 3:10 


Yahweh, I want to know You better even in my suffering. thank You for reminding me about the “fellowship of Your suffering.” God, today I thank You for the painful times in life and for walking with me each step of the way. In Christ’s name Amen. 

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