Two sisters who have seen Jesus heal on many occasions, sent for Him when their brother became sick. They believed Jesus could heal him. Their was strong. But Jesus delayed His arrival and the brother died. The sisters were grief-stricken and disappointed. 

Four days later Jesus arrived and asked them to take Him to where the brother was buried and to have the stone rolled away from the tomb, they objected. “Lord, he will stink by now!” However, they followed His command, and the stone was rolled away, and Jesus called, “Lazarus, come forth!” And he did! 

Mary and Martha had faith that Jesus could heal Lazarus. But as time passed, Jesus did not show up as they expected, and he died. Their faith was crushed. Jesus wanted to show them Himself in a new way. Not only as they had known Him, as Healer, but now, also as The and the

When things look around us, and even within us, choosing to turn to Jesus, the Resurrection, and the Life, will breathe fresh and life into our spirit. His Spirit brings life to the places that are dusty, cold, smelly, and hopeless. 

Today in these upside-down dead days, let’s allow Jesus to bring that fresh hope to our souls. He wants to reveal Himself in ways we have not yet . He wants to empower our words and actions with life as we engage with those around us. There is more of Jesus’ resurrection power to experience both today and for eternity. Be expectant of Jesus’ power in your life! 

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life; the one who believes in Me will live, even if he dies…” John 11:25 

Let’s Pray Yahweh, I need You. My faith does falter in these days of confusion. , please lift my and may I see and experience You in new and fresh ways today. God, I You, and I lift my eyes above all the dead negative things that are going on around me and look to You, the Resurrection and The Life for new life. Please me to live in expectation of your miracle-working power always. I pray this in Christ’s name, Amen

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