When you , do you always give 100%? Or do you just want to get and get out? In this text, we are reminded of the temptation to work just as hard as we have to, thinking we only have to please a . However, a who is a dishonest, lazy, or unreliable worker doesn’t just have to deal with a reprimand from his earthly supervisor. His heavenly supervisor may prepare a reprimand as well.

As Christian employees, we have the highest of all motives for and conscientious performance of our work. Why? Above all else, we are servants of Christ and work first and foremost to please him.

Ultimately, wants every worker to see that they work for Him. A of motive. Therefore, they should do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. For that God to reward those who work with that kind of heart.

Sophia Peart

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