Are you ever tempted to doubt? I know I have.

The reality is doubt is very common to our human experience. Doubt comes in varying degrees. There is the doubt of a proud skeptic, who delights in their own intellect. There is the person who wants to , but is struggling with difficult questions. Then there is the believer who has drifted away from the  in the midst of a difficult situation. At the foundation of doubt is . Fear can be debilitating, disorienting and depressing.

The only antidote for doubt is faith. Faith, in , is defined this way “Faith is  in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” The object of our faith is God and his promises. 

Faith is putting your  in God and having confidence that he will fulfill his promises. Trust that God is working on your behalf and in your favour. Have confidence in His promises. Know when you trust Him, goodness and  will chase after you all the days of your ! 

-  Sophia

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