Forgiveness “is” an act or process of healing, reframing, letting go, and moving on from an offense or negative experience. It can be one of the most difficult things we are commanded to do. It requires to completely with the of our lives in a way that restores, reconciles, where necessary, and regains trust.

Let’s dispel some myths about forgiveness…

1. Forgiveness is not forgetting.

2. Forgiving does not mean you no longer feel the pain of their offense. 3. Forgiving doesn’t mean you cease longing for .

4. Forgiveness does not mean you it easy for the offender to hurt you again.

5. Forgiveness is rarely a one-time event. We are called by God to forgive. When we do, it can lead to deeper levels of and vulnerability in our .

The fact is gains ground in our lives when we don’t forgive. So maybe it’s time that we regain ground by choosing to forgive?

– Pastor Sophia Peart

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