**Wisdom Wednesday’s** Cast All Your ANXIETY On Him Because He Cares For You

Did you know that you can throw your worries, concerns and issues at God? 

It's true, whatever challenges you maybe going through right now, no matter the complexity, whether it just happened or you contributed to it. The Bible says 'Cast your anxiety on Him'. The word 'cast' means literally to throw or fling. So we can throw our issues in the direction of God. Notice what happens...  you release it and no longer hold it. Instead, you let it go into the hands of Our Father who is able to do exceedingly abundantly far above all what we can ever ask or think. He can handle it. 

We can do this with full confidence knowing that Our Father cares for us. He loves us, His intentions are good towards us and He is able to cause all things - the good the bad and the ugly - to work for our good. 

So what are you waiting for throw your worries, concerns and challenges into Our Hands and watch Him deal with them because of His great love for you. Just let it go ?? - Pastor Sophia Peart

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