Landing in Tanzania has given me a chance to reflect on my spiritual direction. Direction, “a or orientation toward a goal that serves to guide or motivate,” has an inevitable flow in our lives. In consideration of our daily direction, the above verse from Romans aligns our internal compass with the One who breathes strength and purpose into the very muscles that compel

Our spiritual direction stems from faith. encouraged the Corinthians to “stand firm in the faith.” Scripture tells us to take captive every thought and to align all we hear with the truth of the Gospel. Reading Scripture daily builds godly confidence, preventing the propulsion down a path that doesn’t align with His unique purpose for our lives. 

God’s direction for our lives isn’t always easy to traverse. We’re guaranteed that it most certainly will be hard in this life. and strength, supplied by the Father’s love flowing through us, our feet forge the path that is purposefully ours to trod. So “be strong in the Lord and in his mighty .” Strength and power were ideals used to make spiritual decisions. We’re not too called to rely on our strength but to surrender to the One who is strong enough to sustain us in our spiritual paths. 

Today, Jesus Christ’s residence in our hearts through the indwelling of the when we accept Him as our Saviour empowers us to set the directional compass of our hearts to His love. His love is perfect it’s direction was certain …the cross. He unwaveringly obeyed His Father and crushed the punishment of sin forever. Taking every one of our names upon His heart as He hung there, the greatest direction that was ever undertaken. That Power that should focus our direction …as we follow Christ. 

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.” – 1 Corinthians 16: 13-14 (NLT) 

Let’s Pray 

Yahweh, I Praise You for Jesus’ sacrifice. His perfect love defeated sin on the cross. Thank You for loving me perfectly, and for layering my life with a unique purpose. Father, it’s hard to choose the right direction at times, forgive me for those times which have led me away from Your path for my life. Help me as we strive to be strong, courageous, and obedient to You. God, my heart to know the direction that You have mapped out for me. Help me to get through seasons of discouragement staying focused on Your Word and Your promises. Lord when I lose my way, remind me of who you are …Whose I am in Christ’s name Amen. 


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