We have so much to praise for, there’s great power in giving honour to God. And many of you live that truth out, every. is filled with examples of praise when we see God’s power released – life-changing miracles, dramatic stories of the enemy being halted or defeated, hearts being changed, and sinners drawn closer to Him. 

The reality is that way too often we let daily struggles or constant life demands crowd out our praise to God.  We might check our worship box after church and somehow think we’re good for the week. And all the while, our souls are distant and cold, we sing , we listen to music, then we go home still weighed down by life. I have realised that it’s a sacrifice to offer praise. We may not feel like it.  We’re struggling.  We’re weary.  Or maybe, we feel like God let us down. We think God seems distant, like he’s far away, or doesn’t about what’s troubling us. Painful life blows and losses might have recently sent us spiralling. Yet God wants our praise. 

we have a choice. To live absorbed in worry and stress, on the fast track of busyness, focused only on the negatives that surround us, hearing only the roar of the or to slow down and believe His and allow our praise with our whole heart to drown out life difficulties. God waits for us to give Him total praise. He longs for us to know the power of His presence over our lives.  God desires to bless us more than we could imagine. His Spirit urges us onward, calling us closer through a life of unadulterated praise let’s begin today. 

“From the rising of the sun, to the place where it sets, the name of the is to be praised.” – Psalm 113:3 


Yahweh, I praise you with my whole heart and songs, I praise you for your faithfulness, I praise you for your great power and love. Father, I confess my need for you, my life doesn’t go so well when I just spin around on my own. God, I struggle and worry, get weary and worn. Yet you never leave me. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your care over me. Lord, I ask for your spirit to fill me and your purpose in me, as I set my eyes on you. In Christ’s Name, Amen. 

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