Throughout , we may experience sorrows for which there are no adequate explanations. Some are difficult events with far-reaching effects, while others are personal, private tragedies that alter our individual lives and families forever. We want to know why, but we seem to find more than answers. Yet even as we struggle with “why?” God extends His unfailing to us. 

 Some years ago, an experimental spacecraft broke apart during a test flight. The co-pilot died while the pilot miraculously survived. Investigators determined what happened, but not why. The title of a newspaper article about the crash began with the words “Questions remain.” 

 In the bible, Job lost his and his wealth in a single day, he sank into an angry and resisted any attempted explanations by his friends, even though he still had questions. Yet he held out hope that someday there would be an answer from his God. Even with no answers, Job could say, “God knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I come forth as gold”. 

 Today, as we face life’s unanswered questions, we can find help in God’s love and that one day, every tear and perplexity, every oppression and distress, every suffering and pain, and wrong, and injustice will have a complete, and powerful explanation. Until then hold on by faith that the answer is on the way. 

“God knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold” Job 23:10 

 Let’s Pray 

Sweet Yahweh, thank You for giving me faith and trust in You so that even though I have questions about life, and why things have happened the way they have, my love for You hasn’t wavered. , there is one thing I can’t and won’t question and that is Your love for me. God, give me and understanding today to accept what I can’t explain, believing You know what’s best for me. In Christ’s name! Amen. 

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