In the book of Ruth in the bible, Ruth’s mother-in-law was bitter and empty the loss of her two sons. However, isn’t strange? Ruth was pregnant and gave , but the women proclaimed that Naomi had a son. 

This is the point of the story: not only did Ruth fill Naomi’s emptiness with enough food according to the bible, but she also provided a son to replace the ones Naomi lost. Even though Ruth gave birth, the women praised and responded with excitement toward Naomi. They credit God for bringing food back to Bethlehem and providing a son.

Today, after looking at this biblical story we see that Ruth and Boaz had a hand in restoring Naomi’s well-being after she lost her sons. But God’s people were clear that there is no provision and no children without the Lord’s blessing. God restores loss, He blesses the fruit of our labour and the fruit of the womb. For out of the birth of ruth’s son, , a descendant of this , was born in Bethlehem. Through the story of Ruth, we can see that Christ’s birth is part of a family that depends on God’s abundant and restoration. From this, we learn that it is normal for our God to fill the empty and redeem the lost.

The women living there said: “Naomi has a son!” — Ruth 4:17


Yahweh thank you for filling my emptiness and restoring my loss. Father, I shout “Praise be to the Lord”! For your provision, I am so grateful to know that my Redeemer cares. Lord, please live in my heart today and always. In Christ’s name Amen.

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