This morning I felt like giving up. Felt tired emotional and physically. Then I remembered this . Back in the 1800’s some explorers were going across the desert and didn’t bring enough . They got tired and very thirsty so they started digging at different spots underneath the surface about a foot or two, trying to find water so they could get refreshed. Tired and thirsty they lost their lives in the desert because of a lack of water and fatigue. Many years later, it was discovered that there was water right there where they had lost their lives about three feet under the ground. If they would have just dug down a little bit further, they would have found the water and saved their lives.

The principle is true when you’re in a dry tired season of life, and not getting any good breaks, business is slow, or you’re struggling with relationships. It’s easy to think, “ I’m too tired, I can’t go on, things never change. I’m not going to see my dreams come true. I’m an emotional and spiritual wreck”. Don’t give up and die like those early explorers, water is there. You’re a foot away from that blessing, and increase. 

Today, you just have to hang on in there, dig down a little deeper. If you will shake off tiredness, shake off the , shake off what didn’t work out, shake off the complacency and turn up your faith and praise, you’ll soon tap in to the blessing and provision God has prepared for every area of you life! Hallelujah! 

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up” (Galatians 6:9, NLT)


, thank You for Your provision and blessing in my life. , I’m tired. Emotionally I’m through, I don’t want to think no more, physically I’m hurting and spiritually I’m sick and tired of falling short of Your expectations. I know that You are making a way in my desert even when I don’t see a way. God, help me to stand strong in You so that I may see the harvest of blessing You have prepared for me. Please Lord, give me the to keep digging till I reach my god given purpose in Jesus’ name. Amen

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  1. Jessiey Ranck

    Pastor Ray Patrick, It is such a blessing to see you writing and sharing.. thank you for your generosity in your time even when you feel you don’t have enough.. the Lord provides! Your posts have provided so much strength to me throughout my challenges and I praise the Lord for the gifts He has given you.. to Him be the glory and the praise! I was worried not seeing you for some time and have been praying over you and yours.. so thankful for you!!!
    Your Sister in Christ, Jessiey (Joshua 1:9)


    Beautiful post. I think we all have our times of doubt and fear, when we think we simply can’t go on. Still God never leaves us and even in those dark times, we can be sure of His care and intervention. He will lead us through it, if we trust in Him and He will sharpen our faith in the process.