Making Up For Lost Time

Many of us have lost things during this pandemic – a job, house, relationship or even credibility, which may not have been your fault. I have good news, God knows how to make up for the things you’ve lost, not only during the pandemic but in life. No, you can’t re-live your childhood, but God can make the rest of your life so rewarding, so fulfilling that you don’t even miss what didn’t happen in the past. Hallelujah! 

Many of us feel like we’ve wasted years in a relationship that didn’t work out. But God can bring somebody into your life so great, so fun, so friendly, so attractive, that you don’t even remember the years that you’ve lost. You may have spent years in a job that turned out to be a dead end, it was a big waste of time. You may not see how you could ever get to where you want to be, but don’t believe the enemy’s lies. God knows how to make up for lost time by a better job, or with an unexpected promotion. 

Today, I declare God can accelerate things in your life. He can bring opportunities back that you’ve missed that will thrust you years ahead. Things may not have happened the first time, but God will always give you another chance. Your God will make up for lost time or things, and bring you out better and stronger than ever before! 

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” (Joel 2:25, NIV) 

Let’s Pray

Yahweh, my Great Redeemer and Lord. Father, thank You for Your promise to restore to me the years the locusts have eaten, the years that have been lost or wasted. I receive this promise by faith in Jesus’ Name. Father, we claim jobs back, finances back, dignity back and new relationships. I put my trust and in You, and believe that my best days are ahead of me, in Christ’s Name! Amen. 

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By Pastor Ray Patrick

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Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School

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