The Seeds You Sow Determines The Harvest

Next to my home just outside of London there are two massive conifer trees. I often wonder how old they are, their trunks are bigger than the houses and they are as tall as skyscrapers. Have you ever looked at a large, old tree and wondered how long it has been there? It’s amazing to think that at one point those gigantic conifer trees were merely tiny seeds. In the same way, our words and actions are seeds. Our words may be small, but they grow when they are planted. We will always reap a harvest on what we sow! 

Scripture tells us that “we will always harvest what we plant.” Think about the types of seeds you have been sowing. Are you sowing encouragement, hope, blessing, love and grace? Then that’s what you’ll reap in the future. But if you’ve been sowing criticism, judgement and anger, you’re probably already reaping a bad harvest. It’s time to start changing your seed. 

Today, I beg you to pray and ask God to help you uproot any negative seeds you may have planted in the past, and begin sowing powerful seeds for your future. As you stay obedient and faithful to the Word of God, you’ll see those seeds grow. You’ll rise up higher and enjoy the harvest of God has promised you. 

“Don’t be misled – you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.” (Galatians 6:7, NLT) 

Let’s Pray

Yahweh, search my heart today. Father, show me any bad negative seeds that need to be uprooted. Oh God, help me, by Your Spirit, to plant good seeds for my future and in those around me. me for Your glory, in Christ’s Name! Amen. 

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By Pastor Ray Patrick

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Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School

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