During these difficult times many people struggle with sleeping at night. They stay awake or get poor sleep because they are constantly focused on their problems, and worrying about tomorrow. But that’s not ’s plan! He wants you to enjoy your sleep as a time of and refreshing. 

Scripture reminds us that the Lord longs to pour out blessings on us even while we are sleeping! Understand that God has His hand on your life even in the midnight hour. He wants to speak to your heart and restore your dreams. He is taking care of those things that you. 

, cast your cares on God and trust Him to out every detail of your life, you’ll be able to enjoy that sweet sleep that He has promised even in these . the decision today to enjoy the blessings of the Lord as you sleep tonight and always. Say a before you go to bed and cast your cares, worries and stresses on God, let go of anger and wrath and rest in Him. 

“…He gives [blessings] to His beloved in sleep.” (Psalm 127:2, AMP) 


, thank You for Your promise of blessing me as I sleep. Father, I ask that You teach me how to receive Your blessing and refreshing while I sleep. God, I cast my cares worries and stresses on You, trusting that You will work all things for my good. Lord, thank You for watching over me and protecting me each night as I sleep, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.  

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