Do you know that as a faithful believer in Christ, you have an enormous advantage? The Creator of the universe is not only your battles, but He is lining up the right people, the right breaks, and the right opportunities to move you forward.

Right now you may be facing a situation that looks like it’s never going to turn around, but I believe, based upon ’s verse, that you’re going to see some changes come quicker than you think. You’re going to come out of debt quicker than you think. You’re going to accomplish your goals much quicker than you think. That relationship is going to be restored quicker than you think! Hallelujah!

Today’s scripture reminds us that God is not slow in keeping His promise. I honestly believe we are entering a period where we are going to see the hand of God move like never before. He is going to open up doors that no can shut. He is going to turn impossible situations around and make them possible. He’ll take you places that you never dreamed. It’s time to get ready for more of God’s favour, because that breakthrough is going to happen quicker than you think! Hallelujah I receive it in Jesus’ Name!

“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise…” (2 Peter 3:9, NIV)


Yahweh, thank You for being faithful to Your Word. I trust that You complete the work You’ve begun in me, sooner rather than later. Father, Your Word says You are not slow in keeping Your promises. I beg You to move quickly in my today.  God, help me keep my heart and mind focused on You, as I stand strong in faith to see Your promises come to pass in my life, today, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.


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