Not too long ago, I did a song in church, and it turned out pretty good. Afterward, when the said, “thank you, Laura, you are gifted”  I must admit, I thought gifted? I had to work so hard to learn this song, I didn’t feel like it was a gift at all. 

From the I decided to learn to play music, it was always a for me. I recently sang in church, the song I did, I had practiced for weeks, and I have to say it turned out awesome. But the achievement to me seemed to be hard-won, and I had to wonder, am I really gifted? 

Recently, I spoke in church about gifts, using a passage in Ephesians, as my guide. “He gave gifts to men, ” it says. (Ephesians, 4:8, NKJV). I never have thought of myself as gifted. I’ve seen other people I thought were gifted, but I never have considered myself one of them.

Learning to speak in front of a crowd had taken a lifetime of overcoming, & facing fears.

Because I God called me to do it, I have overcome the fears, got back up and tried again when I seemed to have failed, and have finally come to a place where I have some confidence, both with speaking and singing in front of others. It was hard-won, but I did it, (with God’s help, and a willing mind!).

So, how do we know we are gifted? Does it mean we are just born “good at something?”. No, I don’t think so. My gift is encouragement under the calling of Pastor. I don’t have a church, but I’ve been Pastoring most of my .

Many years ago, I had stuffed sheep, named after the people I prayed for. When people heard about it they started to bring me sheep, because they wanted to be included and have me pray over their lives. Music came about because I have a passion to encourage others. My prayer life was cultivated for the same reason. “I want to teach the world to sing” used to be one of my favorite songs when I was young. Our loves, passions, and desires, are very telling, concerning our giftings.

I am also gifted to be a visionary, I can see things in the , what happen if certain elements are put into place. Because God did not give me the gift of “being in charge,” I pray for those who are in charge, and the Lord shows me exactly how to pray for them. 

My gifts are affirmed, (and acknowledged) by people affirming to me that yes, indeed, I did encourage them. I’ve been used in other areas too, Evangelism (back to encouragement again, “YES YOU CAN Come to Christ”! Yes, he does want you.” “No, you didn’t sin so much he won’t take you.” 

See? encouragement, yet again. I believe there was an Apostle that his name meant “son of encouragement.” I can encourage with a smile, gifts, money, helping, serving, or singing a song.

What about you? What is your passion? I’ve seen people great at fixing cars, baking cakes, taking care of gardens, and those who are especially great at working with children. 

They have heard too, “You are so talented!” We ought to say, well done, you’ve really developed your gift! For the truth is, if we take our calling seriously in Christ, we’ll cherish and develop those gifts he put within us. If we do that, we’ll become “talented,” Or should I say, developed? 

More mature?

There we go, back to (Up) again and being all you can be, in , for Jesus, and for His Kingdom!

With love and affection, Laura Grace, Author, Grace to .


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