Finding the Correct Source for Answers

Being in the right place and being around the right people are two very different things.

We spend a lot of time finding the right source to get the answers we need. 

It’s a process of elimination until we finally realize that we’re in the right place, just talking to the wrong person or people.  It’s like a puzzle: We have all the right pieces around us, but only one fits the place where we are starting the journey to complete the puzzle. 

This was the case for me recently. I headed to the local hardware store to replace a broken piece on my trimmer.  The first person to help me wasn’t really that helpful. We looked for the replacement part, couldn’t find it, and he decided to remove a part from a demo and give it to me. Was it the part? Yes. But I didn’t want it that way. I think he figured he was giving me a hookup when it was really stealing. I couldn’t walk out of the store with it.  I placed the piece back on the shelf as he walked away, and I purchased another piece. 

That piece didn’t fit either. Sigh. We returned to the store and asked for help again. Here comes the manager. I explained to him what I was looking for and in a few seconds, he showed me exactly where it was! I was stunned. The previous employee was standing right in front of it and neither of us saw it!  

What was my error? 

I only considered ONE source and when that failed, I didn’t seek out another source. In the Bible, Proverbs 15: 22 states, “…Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors, they are established.” The text explains that without the assistance, we’re going to be frustrated, but with multiple sources, we have more chances at achieving our goals.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t found answers to your problems it might be because you’re simply talking to the wrong people! Or the wrong Christians!  We’re all part of the Body of Christ, but we all serve different purposes! (1 Cor. 12)  So how do we complete our puzzle? 

1. Pray over your problem. Ask God to send you the right person to help you. 

2. Keep asking questions. God loves it when you come to him FIRST before going solo.  Sometimes it’s a process to get you where you need to be but you learn a lesson along the way. 

3. Remain calm, don’t get frustrated. The moment your emotions take hold you’re going to make mistakes. Keep a sound mind so that you can hear God’s instructions. 

In the end, I did get the piece and finished my yard work.  Remember, it begins with Christ, and he will get you where you need to be if you trust him. 

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