I hate waiting. Nowadays there seems to be queues everywhere. What are you waiting for to do in your life? One thing I’ve learned is that waiting should not be a passive thing. When we’re waiting, we’re on the lookout, we have expectation. We speak what we are expecting from God. We act like ’s going to happen. We spend time making preparations.

When you’re expecting someone special for dinner; you don’t wait till they show up before you decide to start cooking. Most likely you start early in the . You make sure the house is clean, you go to the grocery store, and maybe you buy some flowers for the table. You make preparations because you’re expecting someone. Staying focused as you wait with excited expectation.

, the attitude we need to have while we’re waiting for God’s promises to come to pass, and our prayers to be answered, is one of excited expectation and preparation. Put your to work as you prepare for God’s answer to come. Keep standing, keep believing, and keep hoping because your answer is on the way!

“”¦faith without works is dead.”

(James 2:20, NKJV)?

Pray With Me
Yahweh, I choose to put actions behind my faith today. Father, I that You are working in my life as I wait for Your promises to come to pass. God, I wait the right way – with expectancy and without complaining and worrying, knowing that my faith in You opens the door for Your hand to move in my life, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.  


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  1. Action Faith Books Press

    Christian faith has no waiting period, because passivity (Higher/Victorious Life) has no place in it. Christians who wait do not see what God has fulfilled in Christ or they are waiting on what they believe God should be doing in the external rather than what He does internally in conforming us to the image of Christ. God has already given us every blessing in the heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3) If we already have every spiritual blessing, why wait for God? God is not passive neither is our faith. Faith is not passive, either.

  2. Ron

    No he never came the first time. Look at the Jewish calendar 6000, According to their calendar he does not come until the year 6000. You worship a false god.