Have you ever felt invisible at times, as though the could carry on normally without you in it? Perhaps you that you do not have a in this world, or that time has passed you by, and you’ now useless. There are many reasons why we might feel like ‘Mr. Cellophane’, where people could just walk right by you, and look through you as though you were not there, but GOD’S Word has taught me that GOD sees , even when no one else does.

is chock-a-block full of stories about people whom no one would have taken a second look at, or seemingly random people who feature in the Bible for a few verses and then are never spoken of again. However, the fact that they were recorded in history is significant enough for us still to be talking about them to this day.

Two stories that come from the New Testament are a perfect example of how GOD brought to attention two people that you would not have given two thoughts about in the grand scheme of things. The first one is that of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-39, where GOD told Philip to go to Gaza. Philip must have been curious about GOD’S command, but of course, he obeyed. He saw the chariot wherein the Ethiopian sat and went it after prompting from the Holy Spirit. When I read these verses way in the beginning of my walk with GOD, I thought that it was totally random, as though someone had just filled it in for the sake of having something to say. However, GOD’S Word always has a purpose, something that I learnt as time went on. Well, the Ethiopian was reading the words of the prophet Esaias out loud, so Philip asked him if he understood what he was reading. You know, the Ethiopian was obviously a devout man of GOD; he continued to read something that he couldn’t understand, but he did it anyway because he knew of the importance the Scriptures had. Philip explained everything to him, giving him the News, which led to the man wishing to be baptised. The man didn’t hesitate, he saw the Promise and wished to take hold of it and become born again. Who on earth would have thought to take time out of their day just to minister to a stranger? But GOD saw him, and that was the difference.

The second example is that of the centurion in Acts 10:1-48. This was a significant moment in our history of Christianity because it was the first time that Gentiles were ‘officially’ included in the Promise, that they too were able to receive the Word of GOD (correct me if I’m mistaken) and the gifts of the Spirit. Cornelius was a devout man who feared GOD and always gave to the needy. GOD saw him and made provision for him to receive the Word and be saved, him and his whole household. Once again, GOD sent word to his disciple- Peter, this time around- and had him speak of the wonders of Jesus. Cornelius and his , just like the Ethiopian, immediately received the Word and the Holy Spirit fell upon them all. that GOD was making a point, He wanted to show that His mercy and grace extends as far as He wishes it to, and He sees what others do not.

Many of us feel unworthy at times, that GOD probably gets so busy dealing with other problems and needier people that He does not see or hear us. It is incredibly easy to believe this of GOD because we do not understand His magnificence, His omnipotence, His omnipresence, and His omniscience. As Peter said in Acts 10:34, GOD is no respecter of persons, He doesn’t focus his attention on a particular person because of who they are or what they have done. No, He watches over all of His people, those who cry out to Him, those in need of Him. Even those who believe that they do not need Him, He reaches out His hand to them in . It is for us to understand this and trust that His Word is indeed true.

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