Over two hundred churches attacked in in the past two years, twenty of them burned to the ground. And now Notre Dame… what on earth is happening in France?

I was channel surfing last month when I caught the tail end of a news : Notre Dame was on . I couldn’t believe ! , The Aristocats, , and The Three Musketeers all surfaced as I watched the news report. How on earth did a building as long-standing and well-known as this simply go up in flames?

My mind started spinning with possible reasons for the fire such as arson, a terrorist attack, or faulty wiring. The building is over 800 years , maybe some old wiring sparked and caused the fire. However, according to Benjamin Mouton who served as Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in France, this cannot be the case. All electrical wiring of Notre Dame was updated in the 90s; furthermore, they had alarm mechanisms in place for things such as fires. And what about the two men that were meant to patrol the area? For such a historic building, there has to be some form of security in place, and there was, and night. What happened to those two men?

I waited for the result of the investigation to be released, expecting it to take a couple weeks due to the size of the cathedral. To my surprise, the authorities were able to give information to the public before the ashes had even stopped smouldering. How is that even possible? How were they able to rule out arson and terrorism so quickly? Where was the thorough investigation? Did they take into consideration that many churches in France had been attacked, and some even burned down? I smell a rat here.

What the authorities were saying and what I was seeing and hearing was just not making any sense. First of all, we are talking about wood that is over 800 years old- that stuff is not easy to burn! It would take an extraordinary amount of effort to ignite the amount of oak in the cathedral, but somehow it wasn’t caught soon enough to avoid the amount of damage sustained. Once again, where were the two watchmen who were meant to keep an eye out for such things? Why did the fire have to get to that stage?

Youtube has a wealth of information on every topic that you could ever think of, and many people take it upon themselves to look for the truth. I happened across a video of a mysterious figure on the Notre Dame rooftop before the fire began, but what really caught my eye was the figure’s odd movements. The person seemed to be going to specific spots on the roof, and once they moved away, there would be a flash of light in the area just vacated. With all the conspiracies going on in the , could this be one of them?

The President of France has promised to rebuild the monument and make it even more beautiful than before, but he said something else that caught my antennae. He said that he wants to rebuild the building to reflect their modern multi-diversity… Multi-diversity? Considering that France is no longer known as a Christian country, what could he mean? Now, I am aware that Christianity and Catholicism are two different things although the world lumps us into one box. The cathedral was even consecrated to the Virgin Mary, something that has nothing to do with our faith. However, his statement raised warning flags in my mind because I immediately thought of either a mosque-like building being built or something that reflects the One World Order that is coming to existence at an alarming speed. When I read that many billionaires and companies were pledging millions of dollars to rebuild the cathedral, I found it fascinating. Why put so much money towards building Notre Dame when people around the world are in need? The contribution racked up a staggering $1 billion in a matter of hours, and pledges were still pouring in. What is their interest in the building? What does this building truly represent for them?

Then the bombings in Sri Lanka took place, and it left no doubt in my mind that all of these events, the timeframe of them, the type of media coverage, hiding of the truth, etc. all seem to be part of some global plan. This is not just a coincidence! We need to have ears that hear and eyes that see for us to take note of all that is unfolding around us. It’s both an exciting and dangerous time to be alive. Exciting because Jesus is most certainly on His way, and dangerous due to Christian persecution being ramped up. Make no mistake: things will unfold whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

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  1. Robert Chamberlain

    I’m sorry but I’m not into conspiracy theories. It’s far more productive to focus on sharing the good news of salvation in the Lord Jesus than getting hugely concerned about a building.

  2. Susan

    Stephanie Jafta the fact that politicians and businessmen have even put money into something so quickly raises a HUGH concern