I I’m not the only one with such questions in mind. Yes, I know we are to have faith that the “… give good gifts…” Mat 7:11. But because we live in dual dimensions, ’s easy to get things twisted. Getting the mixed up with fantasy. Spiritual with carnality. 

From imagination, we tend to develop an idea of what God has planned for us verses what He actually has in mind. How wonderful it would be to finally have and to hold a promise. But would it really be as wonderful as we’ve dreamed about? 

Yes I know that He’s “…able to do exceeding, abundantly above all we may ask or think.” Eph 3:20, but can He really? 

Would it really be wonderful?  I mean it look like what I think it should look like? Will I recognize it when it appears?  Will I like it? Now that’s the real question, “Will I like it?”.

And especially since he’s said “… my thoughts are not your thoughts…” Is 55:8. What does he mean by that exactly? Will what he perceives as good for me be not good to me? all, he is a father looking out for what’s best for his

I believe it’s only natural to imagine our response and the feelings of and fulfillment in receiving fulfilled . But what if what we imagined coming to manifestation wasn’t quite what God had in mind? Boy would that be disappointing. What if, what He called a “good thing” scared the bejesus out of you? 

No matter what, there is one thing that I know for sure. And that is that he will give me, “…the desires of my heart.” Ps 37:4 And since, “…the father and I are one” Jn 10:30, I shall have, “whatsoever I say.” Mk 11:24 from faith, to reality. 


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  1. Vernon Layne

    This post went from spiritual Awakening to rude awakening.
    God deals with nothing but the realities of life in love.
    Great reminder!