You Can't Make This Stuff Up... They're Turning Our Kids To Drag Queens

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up… They’re Turning Our Kids In To Drag Queens

Children are moulded and shaped to become whatever their environment dictates, be it one of love or hate. They have also always been targets of people in positions of influence and power who want to condition their minds to suit a specific agenda. School systems and curriculums, TV, interference in parenting, these are all types of conditioning tools that subliminally control one’s thoughts and actions. But, it looks like they are throwing subliminal messages out of the window and becoming more aggressive when it comes to children, and it is frightening.

There is this program that seeks to introduce kids to a broad spectrum of people, mainly those of a specific profession or physical disability. I have no qualms with this, in fact, I support the idea of introducing kids to interesting people, but I draw the line at influencing them to accept something that is against GOD’S Word. This same program had kids meet a drag queen who called himself ‘Isabella’, and let me tell you that these kids were somewhat confused and curious as to why a man was dressing up as a woman. They made the episode out to be this fun, lighthearted, and amusing meeting, blocking out the fact that this is hellishly wrong on many levels. One of the kids was nervous, with the drag queen asking if he was scared, to which he nodded yes. Why wouldn’t the child be scared? Here is someone who is dressed up as a woman, but their body dimensions are totally off, and their voice is deep. What was the child supposed to think? Well, according to the drag queen:

“A drag queen is someone who expresses themselves creatively through performance, so dress up in wild costumes, big wigs, crazy makeup and then get on stage and perform and entertain people.”

I found it interesting how ‘Isabella’ did not say that he dresses in woman’s clothing and pretends to be a woman in an over-the-top manner with songs sung by different women. When the nervous boy found out that ‘Isabella’ was a man, he was shocked. So he basically thought that the drag queen was some odd-looking woman with a deep voice.

Children are naturally curious beings, so asking a hundred and one questions a day is normal for them. The kids involved in the program had a bunch of questions for ‘Isabella’ leading to their exposure to some topics that I do not believe that kids their age should be exposed to. The thing about being a drag queen is that it is tied to a person’s sexuality, whether a person chooses to acknowledge it or not. A girl child asked if ‘Isabella’ was gay, to which he laughed a bit and admitted yes. The drag queen then proceeded to reveal that he ‘came out of the closet’ at the age of twenty-one, prompting a little girl of perhaps six to ask what that term meant. Surely a child doesn’t need to know stuff like that? Another child asked if you had to be gay to do drag, to which ‘Isabella’ replied no, anyone who wanted to put on a fun costume and perform in front of people could become a drag queen, which leads me to another problem: kids as young as eight becoming drag queens.

Imagine a cute little eight-year-old boy putting on a dress, makeup, a wig, and uttering this line: “Lactatia is the diva-est diva you could ever think of?” A bit worrying, isn’t it? The mother allows her son to dress up because she wants her kids to express themselves however they want to, and as long as they are nice and respectful to people, she really doesn’t care. The boy said that he loves dressing up because it makes him feel happy and accepted. What kind of world are we living in where an eight-year-old boy needs to dress up as a girl to feel happy and accepted? From the age of two, the child would go to his mother and request that she put make-up on him, which she found ‘sweet’. When the boy was seven, he and his mother started to watch the popular drag queen show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, and that is when he decided that drag would be his life. Again, this is an eight-year-old boy finding joy in dressing up as an over-made-up girl and performing. His schoolmates think that Lactatia is courageous and fun- interesting how he talks about that part of him in the third person. Many artists have confessed to having this alter ego (a demon, really) that takes over them when they perform, could this be the same for drag queens?

“I love inspiring people, that’s where I get a lot of the confidence because I am helping other peoples’ lives to make sure that they express themselves.”

This came out of the mouth of a ten-year-old boy who dresses up as a drag queen. When he was two after he saw season one of (again) RuPaul’s Drag Race, he started using his mother’s blankets, bubble wrap or whatever he could get his hands on and wrap them around his body as a dress and wig. He then started going to drag shows when he was five, finding it fascinating to see people dressing up and wearing fierce makeup. This boy is seen as an inspiration because of his positive attitude, and his words ‘to be yourself no matter what anyone says.” RuPaul even called him the future of America… he wasn’t wrong there! With the way the world is going, we are going to see many more kids become these ‘creative free thinkers’ with minds of their own.

If you open your eyes and look around, it’s clear to see the direction that the world is heading in. First of all, people had to be conditioned to accept that people are different, and need to ‘express themselves however they wish to.’ When I think of creativity, I think of different art forms, music, cooking, dancing- you know, the regular stuff. Never did I imagine that a child becoming a drag queen was a creative outlet! First came the wide exposure of the LGBT lifestyle. This agenda was basically shoved down our throats, and should you not accept it, then you’re a dangerous and hateful person. Then we were told about gender fluidity and not ‘stereotyping’ our children according to the gender they were born, that they must choose whatever feels most comfortable to them. And now we have little boys wanting to have female alter egos because it is expressing themselves. We are being forced to accept that this is normal, but it’s not.

Paedophilia is a factor that many are not taking into consideration. Many of us have undoubtedly heard of scandals in the White House, prominent people, etc. involved in child trafficking rings that get hushed up and forgotten over time. We know that they are still there; having such a sick desire doesn’t just disappear! Now, we’ve got little boys basically being sexualised by dressing up as girls, a thought that people have probably not wanted to give attention to. Oh, we are being told that they want to, but whose agenda does it fit at the end of the day? Some may think that I’m overreaching, but the truth of the matter is that anyone with eyes in their head and ears that listen will realise that the world is turning into a cesspit of deviant behaviour, with people in the background holding onto strings that are controlling the masses.

I have absolutely no hate in my heart for these people of ‘alternative lifestyles’, but neither will I accept it. As Christians, we still love these people, but we cannot accept their lifestyle. I will not have my niece and nephew believe that this is right just because the world is pushing this agenda. I will never promote hate nor tolerance like some sort of mantra. Love people, this is a must, but fear and obey GOD. Do not make the mistake of allowing your kids to see this kind of behaviour and let them think it’s okay because you can be sure that their school, TV, and friends will tell them that it is. It is your responsibility to let them know what GOD says and raise them up according to His Word.



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  1. They had lots of drag queen stuff in looney tunes and cartoons…but now it’s out in the open as cool…and sexy even…lots of pedophilia overtones in an 8 year old doing drag??






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