Christianity has taken on many forms in past centuries. It started out with righteous purpose, but people soon realised that there was power to be had, and they took it.

Christianity has taken on many forms in past centuries. It started out with righteous purpose, but people soon realised that there was power to be had, and they took it. Fast forward to the present, and we have hoards of people openly mocking our faith and our LORD Jesus with little or no consequence- yet.

Let me stress that although the religion of Christianity changed due to the hands it fell into, our LORD Jesus and His message have never changed, and I am confident that there were faithful people throughout the ages. However, the world has gathered together to mock us in the most demeaning and disgusting manner that leaves me in no doubt that we are in the End Times. It seems that people are taking these changes through time and using them as ammunition to prove how senseless and false our faith is, blaming us for all that is wrong in the world. Funny that. We’re essentially being blamed for the wrongdoings of others because it is easier to do that than find out the truth of GOD’S Word. Go figure.

Anti-Christian movies have been a firm favourite, a hobby with Hollywood (or Hellywood as many have started calling it!), always portraying Christians as arrogant, annoying, mean-spirited, and dangerous Bible-thumpers. It is ridiculously easy to find a film that misrepresents Scripture and Christians, disrespects GOD, and overall seeks to make our faith into a joke. In the 1960 movie Inherit the Wind, Hollywood tried to falsely represent the Scopes trial in an attempt to smear Christianity. Basically, the Darwinists were portrayed in a positive light while William Jennings Bryan was made out to be a deceitful low-life who died in the courtroom in a fit of madness. The reality is that he won the trial and kept his Christian values to the end, while Darrow (a Darwinist) was the real snake. Footloose, 2012, Father Ted, The Exorcist, Religulous, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, 12 Years A Slave and many more are all examples of attempts to misrepresent our faith.

Netflix seems to have taken this hobby to new lengths with that offensive series Miss Magic Jesus. It’s centred around a teenage girl who loses 70 pounds and enters the Miss Magic Jesus Pageant in which the winner dons a “crown of thorns.” The series carries several LGBT storylines, promotes all sorts of sexual and gender identity exploration, has fat shaming, and the most horrendous of all, it has sexual references to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There is one particular scene that is one of the most offensive (read about it but couldn’t bring myself to watch it), in which a song is sung with words that disgusted me to no end. I will not even bother to give a line, you can easily find it on a google search.

It is not hard to find examples of mockery. You can find it on Broadway, Hollywood, schools, places of work, comedians, restaurants, and anywhere else that I have not mentioned. I also honestly believe that we are one of the reasons for the mockery. Oh, I can blame history (which I did), the devil, Hollywood, etc., but it wouldn’t be fair if I did not put us into the equation as well. It’s so easy to make ourselves into victims, but we forget the part we play in not only mocking ourselves but Jesus as well. Whenever we have knowingly sinned, we have made a mockery of his sacrifice upon that cross. Whenever we have not taken His Word with all sincereness and respect, we have mocked His power. And yet, we are forgiven if indeed we truly repent.

You know, I can take mockery if it is for Jesus, but I’m not so understanding when people openly mock GOD. You can mock how seemingly boring I am because I do not need alcohol to loosen up and have a good time, you can mock me for not joining in when you cuss out someone. You can mock me for refusing to wear clothing that highlights any part of my body, telling me that I might as well be Muslim for the amount of skin that I show. You can mock me for quoting Scripture for every occasion, you can even ridicule me for following my Saviour, a Man whom you think is an average man we have merely idolised for the sake of control. I’ll not concern myself with all that mockery (at least, I try not to), but when you make a mockery of Jesus, GOD, or the Holy Spirit, then the only thing that will keep me from reprimanding you is the Holy Spirit Himself.

It’s not a case of ‘I hate you for saying that’, but a case of ‘Do you realise what you are saying? Whom you are talking about and mocking? Is there no fear in you?’ I am fearful for these foolish people because to fall into the hands of the Almighty is a frightful thing indeed. I will not sit back and not warn them if it is within my ability to. Perhaps they will not listen, but that is no excuse for not telling them the truth, especially if the Holy Spirit is prompting you to. There will always be opposition to GOD’S Word, but that is never a reason to stop proclaiming His truth. You may not reach that person now, but whose to say that your words will not echo in their hearts in days or years to come? It’s not Bible-thumping when done with a sincere heart, a genuine fear for their souls.

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By Stephanie Jafta

'A bondservant of Jesus Christ who loves to share and speak GOD'S Word as He wills it'.

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