has been said that righteousness and loyalty go hand in hand. In other , if we’re not being loyal to God then we aren’t going to experience God’s best. Loyal are honourable people. When you’re loyal, you stick with someone through thick and thin. When you’re loyal, you keep your to people even if you get a “better” offer.

Loyal people honour their and defend their family. Loyal people are respectful.  When you’re loyal, you are a person of integrity. You build with others. Is this an area where you can rise higher? Are you faithful in the things you’re committed to? Can you be more loyal?

, don’t let the of everyday life keep you from being dedicated to God, family and friends. Look for ways to show honour to those around you. Is there something you need to set aside for the sake of a loved one? Show love by staying loyal. As Scripture promises, when you pursue loyalty and righteousness, you will find the abundant life God has for you!

“He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life”¦”  

(Proverbs 21:21, NASB)

With Me
Yahweh, thank You for the promise of life in Your Word. Father, please show me any area where I can rise up higher by pursuing loyalty. me, by Your Spirit, to be more committed and supportive to those around me. God, let Your light shine through me, as I pursue righteousness and loyalty today, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

A special word from the Lord, from Ray Patrick

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  1. Ron

    I find it interesting that tenets for salvation in god exists as the same in the tenets of Islam are there two gods or one. I believe in the oneness of God the oneness of man and the oneness of woman. Perhaps this explains why America is falling by the sword. I have no ethnic religious affiliations to any of mans temples only to the idea of the Nuclear Family and the oneness of God. Both religions blame the woman for sin someone is lying. Salvation is through the woman for she is the Mother of the Living ones, Creation.