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In the latest update from crazy ville here in the UK today British politicians in be discussing whether they have the right, not you, to decide what relationship and advice your child will have in .

One hundred and six thousand parents have signed a petition saying that they should be the ones who decide when and who teaches their children about LGBTQ matters. But the government ‘big brother’ says it knows best. It wants to its new relationship and sex education lessons compulsory by 2020 and they’re already beginning to roll those in.

Now what it means for four and five year olds in the UK is that they will be taught LGBTQ issues and they will be taught about . Now this is before they’ve ever really had a proper science lesson or a biology lesson and this before they’ve had a chance to go out, run about, play and be a child or in fact learn how to use a or nappy nightmares. 70 percent of schools say kids are starting school in nappies. So our British government thinks that before a child has learned to use a bathroom or be out of nappies the most important thing is to it compulsory that they learn about LGBTQ issues and accept the latest narrative on trans.

Something is going very badly wrong here in Britain. Our kids are being indoctrinated in schools and it’s parents stood up and made a stand. Get involved.

Get in your schools, get those letters in saying you do not want your child to be part of this mandatory madness and perhaps before a child is indoctrinated into the latest trans thinking they should at least be able to enjoy life or find out a few biological facts for themselves. Get involved. Write to your school. Do not be complicit in the indoctrination of our children.

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