You Won't Be Alone Anymore
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You Won’t Be Alone Anymore

Jesus had many names that identified His character. One of those was also Emmanuel, which means “God with us.” Before Jesus came to earth, the Spirit of God resided in the temple. The people had to go through all kinds of rituals to become clean enough to go near to Him.

As believers today, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, He is the one who cleanses us and makes His home in our hearts. He becomes one with us, closer than the air we breathe. Isn’t it good to know that God is always with us?

Today, I want you to know, God’s peace is always with us. His joy is always with us. His power is always with us, and His is always with us. The next time you feel alone, think about this Scripture. Know that He is near because you serve Emmanuel—the God who is always with you!

“Behold, the virgin shall become pregnant and give to a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel-which, when translated, means, God with us.”

Matthew 1:23, AMPC

“Immanuel (Hebrew: meaning, “God with us”; also romanized Emmanuel, Imanu’el) is a Hebrew name which appears in the Book of Isaiah as a sign that God will protect the of David.”


Pray With Me
Emmanuel, thank You for choosing to make Your home in me. Father, thank You for filling me with Your peace and joy. God, I bless You today, knowing that You will never leave me nor forsake me, in Jesus’ Name! Amen


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Written by Pastor Ray Patrick

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Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School


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