Secrets to success in life in 2019

Secrets to Success in Life in 2019

In bed this morning I was asking myself;

*”What are some of the secrets to success in life in 2019”

I found the answer right there in my very room.

The Fan said, *”be cool”;*

The Roof said, *”aim high”;*

The Window said, *”see the world”;*

The Clock said, *”every minute is precious”;*

The Mirror said, *”reflect before you act”;*

The Calendar said, *”be up to date”;*

The Door said, *”push hard for your goals”;*

The Rug said, *”kneel down and pray”;*

The Toilet said, *”flush the Bad habits that will deter you from becoming someone influential in life;*


The Holy laughed and said, *”read me for direction”.*

Just then satan laughed aloud: *Hahahahahahaha*

GOD: *Why are you laghing?*

Satan: *I am laughing at you.*


Satan: *So you say you love your kids and they love you too…isn’t it?*


Satan: *So you are saying even the one who is reading this text right now loves you…?*


Satan: *So then let’s see if he loves you for sure!*

GOD: *How?*

Satan: *If he/she really loves you then he/she will send this text to more than 3 friends but if he/she doesn’t, I will forever take him/her as my slave…..DEAL?*

GOD: *Deal…………..*

*God told me to tell you that everything you’re going through is taken care of. If you in him send to 8 people. And in 53 secs watch who calls*. ?


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