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Welcome to the world of weblogs, (or blogs), and the cyberspace they all inhabit, known as the blogosphere. Godinterest bloggers connect to mainstream news sites, other non-faith blogs, and collaborative knowledge networks such as Wikipedia and can be anything from personal diaries to daily screeds about current events. Some are highly opinionated and include funny personal stories. But their content is also as many spiritual blogs are written by people seriously engaging with their faith. Some bloggers write specifically about sacred texts. Others are more culturally oriented, covering the ways faith intersects with the arts and politics. By chronicling how they experience faith in their everyday lives, Godinterest bloggers are not only connecting with the wider public, but also to themselves and are gradually carving out their own section of the blogosphere.

Godinterest is a project of designer, journalist, social & new formats editor and grateful christian dad, Dean Jones.


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