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Some of the web’s most influential voices now belong to bloggers as young as 13.

Some of the web's most influential voices now belong to bloggers as young as 13.

“Kids often start writing blogs just for the hell of it,” says Sadie Stein, a contributing editor at the US online feminist fashion mag, Jezebel. “Sometimes it's because they are feeling isolated in small conservative towns and want to connect with other kids; sometimes it's because they have areas of specialised interest they want to share.”

We think it's about time to make this official: 2018 is the year of the young‘uns.

We've invited children and young people to write for us on a regular basis. Their blogs can be about anything– popular culture, rights in their , or the issues they care about in the world. We hope their work will mean more young people visit our website, so that they can learn more about the things that matter to them.

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