Do not take your troubles to human beings. Take them to the Lord. You may think that others ought to sympathize with you in your trials, but you will sometimes be disappointed. Jesus never disappoints the one who comes to Him for help. He is saying to you , “Come unto me, … and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). He will give you rest in Him. No one who comes to Him goes away unhelped. Take your burdens to the divine Burden Bearer and leave them with Him, knowing that He will carry them for you.

Act your part in helping yourselves, as all must do who would be blessed. Do not dwell upon the hardships of the life. Do not talk of your trials…. Do not utter one despondent word, for such words please Satan. Talk of ’s goodness and tell of His power. Words of hope and trust and courage are as easily spoken as words of complaint…

When the enemy tells you that the Lord has forsaken you, tell him that you know He has not; for He declares, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Hebrews 13:5). Dismiss the enemy. Tell him you will not dishonor the Lord by doubting His ….

There is no limit to the help that the Saviour is willing to bestow on . He asks to bring into our lives the grace that will keep us from sin. From the cross of Calvary there comes to us liberty, hope, and strength. Do not dishonor your Redeemer by doubting His power. Trust Him all the . Take hold of the riches of His grace, saying, “I will believe; I do believe that Jesus died for me.” The way before you may seem dark, but Jesus can make light.

Be joyful in . Christ is light and in Him is no darkness at all. Look toward the light. Accustom yourselves to speak the praise of God. Make others happy. This is your first work. It will strengthen the best traits of character. Throw the of the wide open heavenward and let the sunshine of Christ’s righteousness in. Morning, noon, and night your may be filled with the bright rays of heaven’s light.

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  1. Ron

    Jesus was a man who carried the word of God. Your worship christ you are worshiping a man. There is only one God not two.