Mary. The angel called her highly favored. Her cousin Elizabeth called her blessed among [all] women. Prophets died waiting for the coming Messiah. Hundreds of years would pass and as the Book of Galatians states: “In the fullness of ” Christ came, born of a woman”¦” The -Son could have just appeared in any form and way, yet the Trinity chose a woman to give birth to Jesus the Messiah in human form and nature. Why Mary? What was in Mary that God would entrust the carrying and rearing of the human part of the Lord Jesus Christ to her?

An Ordinary Girl

“A virgin pledged to be married to an average ” is all we get for an introduction. Plus, one important note: that she was of the line of David, [in fulfillment of Prophecies like Isaiah 9:6,7]. She was most likely of average standing like Joseph. Also, she did not seem to grasp a high understanding of the supernatural and for hearing from the angel, she was perplexed and disturbed; like any ordinary girl would be. (Luke 1:29). Today, she would be just like any other average Christian woman.

A Yielded Soul

Scriptures record only a few things about Mary. She responded to God’s by saying “I am the Lord’s servant. May your to me be fulfilled.” (Luke 1:38). And, she was happy about . Luke 1:46 records her song. She was rejoicing and giving glory to God. She had the right heart though surely she was fearful. An unmarried pregnant woman in her day would not only be shunned or shamed. She might even face judgment. Yet, she yielded and entrusted herself to the Sovereign One.

A Woman of Strength

Pregnancy may have been Mary’s introduction to serious womanhood. She had to grow up fast. She had to toughen up as she faced the prying and judging eyes of the community. And, she had to toughen up literally. Caesar Augustus’ decree of national tax census couldn’t have come at the worst possible time. She was heavily pregnant and had to travel a long way to Bethlehem [Joseph’s hometown, for he was from the line of David]. But, she made it. How strong she must have been or shall we say how “strengthened” she truly was. Tired from the journey and about to deliver a virgin birth; yes, she was strong indeed. God was fulfilling His Isaiah 40:29 promise in her at that difficult time.

Mary the Introspective, Mary the Thinker

In the past, women were mostly workers at home. Household duties and simple matters were all that they managed. Scriptures wrote Proverbs 31 to remind and enlighten that women are very capable and like men, God has purposed and equipped her for many great things. I love that Scriptures gave us insight into the character of Mary. She was a thinker. She loved to observe and weigh things in her mind. She wasn’t much of a talker probably but we know she was highly intuitive. In Luke 2:19 we see her pondering about the visit of the Shepherds. In Luke 2:51 we see her reflecting about what Jesus meant when he said that He should be about His Father’s business.

There’s something about Mary and THAT something can be nurtured in each one of us.

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