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Why the Church Needs to Refocus on the Concept of Sanctification

Sanctification belongs to our Father in Heaven.  Being sanctification is freely offered to the heirs of righteousness.  It is given to us as part of our inheritance, which comes by salvation.  It is our Father’s perfect will for us, that we are sanctified.  By the proclamation of our Lord, who is the pillar of all that is our inheritance, we are sanctified through the truth of our Father in heaven.  We are set apart from all that is in the world; from all that is not of faith; and from all that is unbelief.  Heaven sent sanctification is not with rituals of behavior or customs of tradition; neither is it self-imposed separation from the world.  While separation from the world is commanded by our Lord and is a result of sanctification, it is important for us to understand how this separation is accomplished.  Sanctification comes when we hear the truth and we obey that truth.  Truth is living and it is universal.  Self-imposed sanctification only leads to dead works.  Our Father’s truth is alive.  It is as alive as the life we live.  His truth is subject only to his perfect will.  Our Lord admonished us that our Father’s Word is truth when he said: “Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth”.  We are set apart from the world not by self-imposed, artificial rituals and practices; but rather by the truth that makes us free.    

Church leaders throughout the ages have received truth from Holy Spirit, only to fall victim to holding on to what was received so passionately, they become unwilling, or even unable, to embrace the followup enlightenment when it arrived.  Consider the Word of God concerning circumcision!  Circumcision was once the primary distinction whereby a Hebrew identified their relationship with God.  Circumcision was believed, and it was followed.  Circumcision was mandated as a sign of the covenant God made with Abraham.  It was later ritualized under the Levitical Laws.  However, once grace arrived, and faith by grace, circumcision became a symbol of not having faith.  Apostle Paul wrote; “for in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love”.  So, if that which was once the standard of a relationship with God, has now become that which hinders what God is doing, how much more is that which He is doing now, greater than that which has been replaced?

If we say we have all the truth that our Father has, or that there is no more truth that He will give, then we make Him a liar.  If that which we have is the conclusion of God’s revelation, then of necessity Holy Spirit did not need to be sent.  For what do the scriptures say?  “When the spirit of truth is come he will lead us into all truth; and show us things to come”.  Now the things to come are not limited to the writing of the apostles of old, but every generation is beset with the mandate to understand the things set before them and to peer into the things to be.  Each generation must be willing to embrace things that have been hidden until now.  If they have been hidden from generations past and have been reserved for the present generation, then of necessity Holy Spirit must expose what has been hidden in days past.   It is incumbent upon present apostolic leaders, to avail themselves to the unction of Holy Spirit to speak those things She is revealing to the generation at hand.

I further make the case, which even now, we do not have all the truth that was spoken through the apostles of old.  Even our own canon speaks of truths that have been lost to antiquity.  If in fact, we accept Apostle Paul as a vessel of truth through which Holy Spirit has spoken;  where he makes mention of an epistle he wrote to the Corinthian church, that to this present day has been hidden from the Ecclesia even our present generation.  If then, the truth that was scribed in this lost epistle was inspired by Holy Spirit, and I believe it was, then it is clear we do not have all that was given by Holy Spirit.  Further, the epistle written to the Colossians makes reference to an epistle Apostle Paul wrote to the Laodiceans.   This epistle to has been hidden from generations that followed.

Beloved let us not stifle the ministry of Holy Spirit because we are unwilling to allow Her to freely give us the things She has received from our Father and our Christ.  She is our comforter.  Lest you mistake my boldness as skepticism of the scriptures; I say boldly, the scriptures are the Word of our Father, but all of our Father’s Word is not in the scriptures we have.  Therefore, I submit my spirit to Holy Spirit who delivered the Word that admonishes us that lack wisdom, to ask God for wisdom and God will give it liberally to all who ask because we ask in faith and don’t waiver.

Contemporary leaders are always charged with “Who hath ears to hear let him hear”.  We must never become so beholden to what has been done that we are unable or unwilling to receive what is being done now.  Some have concluded there is nothing new, and all things that will be has already been.  We embrace this understanding because Solomon said it in the writings of Ecclesiastes.  We’ve been told from the writings of Solomon; there is no new thing under the sun.  Even as Solomon has declared nothing new under the sun, Isaiah admonished us to forget about the former things and do not consider the things of old because Jehovah was doing a new thing.  Is this a contradiction?  On the contrary, it’s actually moving on from truth in a previous generation to truth in the contemporary generation.  Isaiah wrote after Solomon and declared what

 Jehovah was speaking in his generation.  Even so, must we be bold to break free from the captivity of what was written aforetime to declare the wonderful truth that is being spoken in our generation?  The things that were written aforetime were written for our learning, they were not written to incarcerate in a time before us.  All truth begins with the Son, who gives it to Holy Spirit, who gives it to us.   Thus, by authority given to me as a good steward of this gospel, I declare to you, Yeshua is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and in Him, we are transformed into the sons of the kingdom and heirs of righteousness.  Amen!


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