People Don’t Get It–Why Would They Do This? Well, Because It’s Not a Burden, It’s a HUGE Blessing

This is the second and final part of the blog series on the topic of 'Blessings'. How do we view blessings? Do we see them as coming from , or are they just luck?

This final series focuses on whether blessings only come to those who are 'Good'.

So, Do Blessings Only come to Those who are Good?

So, then the next question that usually emerges is, do blessings then only come to those who are good and righteous?

In the , in the Book of Deuteronomy 28:1-12, it spells out all the blessings that will come in our lives if we obey God. It then goes on to state all the ‘curses’ for disobedience.

Now you may read this chapter in the Bible and think, this doesn’t apply to this day and age that we’re living in. But it is in the Bible, and we are asked to view the Bible as the way to live.

I personally don’t even want to take the chance. If God is dishing out blessings as he says in the Bible, then I really don’t want to be missing out. So, I do genuinely try to stay as righteous as I can. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m only human. I can sometimes fall into the trap of gossiping, lying, overeating, wanting what others might have, and many more…… But when I catch myself doing these things, I quickly ask God for forgiveness, and try my hardest not to do them again.

So yes, it goes without saying that we must obey the commandments, but it’s often those relatively simple things, like helping our elderly neighbour, not being selfish etc… always trying to obey God, and therefore receiving his blessings.

I know it’s hard to follow God all the time. We are human after all. But God knows this, and he knows all our weaknesses, but he also knows that we are all capable of being good people.

So let us all look to God, when we feel tempted to do the wrong thing, ask for forgiveness when we do wrong, search ourselves and be mindful of our behaviours and those around us.

Keep true to the commandments, and set your goal to obey, and just see if God keeps his promise, and see what happens in your life.

Now I’m not saying that God will grant you absolutely everything that your heart desires, but he will look after you and certainly bless you in ways that you never even thought possible.

So As Long as I’m Good Nothing Bad Will Happen Right?

So, does it mean that no bad things happen to good people? Well we know that in life, this doesn’t seem to be the case. We all know of seemingly good people who bad things happen to. Is this because they did something bad in their past? So then, what about bad things that happen to innocent children? the abduction / murder, abuse of a young child. What about that? A child is a child and doesn’t know anything about obeying God.

Well, Although God blesses us with many things, the Bible does also make it clear that believing and obeying God does not guarantee a pain free life, but it does grant us an eternity in heaven.

When in life, bad things do happen, the blessing that God will grant us is the wisdom, strength, patience and peace to overcome adversities in our lives. God may sometimes want us to experience certain things to draw closer to him. God may want us to experience a difficulty to gain the skills needed in reaching his destiny. God may allow something bad to happen in order to save you from hell.

Please watch this amazing video by Ravi Zachrias who explains the importance of free will. This video gives me chills and a great joy in my heart.

So yes, bad things may happen, but that could be a blessing in disguise. Just trust in God.

So, I want to ask you today. Are you truly grateful for your blessings? I know it’s so easy to go through life, through the everyday mundane tasks and not appreciate your life. But why don’t you just take some quiet time, to just sit and think about all your blessings.

My mum always used to sing a song with the words:

“count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done"

So, think about the things you take for granted: your health, your children, your spouse, siblings, friends, job, your parents, your education, and just thank God for them. Every morning when you wake up, meditate on what you have, and feel truly grateful. Try it, it really does bring a positive start to your day.

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