Who is God and what is He like? If He is Father, what are His parenting skills like? Is He a tyrannical God with an iron rod waiting to smack when we sin? Or is His heart just yearning to be around His ? If David of the Bible is known as the’ Man after God’s own Heart’, it is pretty evident that this big and majestic God, just like us, has a HEART too. However, what is it like? What does it long for? Is it obedience and law? Or is it ? Well, God is concerned about all of that but not more than His heart longs for YOU!Many a times we feel like talking to God which the world often calls ‘praying’, is too religious an act for most people to carry out. Also, sometimes we feel like it is only us who long to speak to God, whereas He is too busy doing His other . However, the Bible is very clear about who wants to start the conversation. In Psalm 27:8 David says:My heart has heard you say, “come and talk with me”,And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

So let me ask you, who wants to the first move? Us or God? Just like in the ‘Parable of the Lost Son’ (Luke 15: 11-32), our God is the Father, waiting at the doorstop for His to come back. No matter how far and for how long you’ve been gone, your return is still worthy of celebration! Now that is RECKLESS LOVE. God is yearning to speak to us! He is constantly knocking on the door of our hearts. He isn’t interested in law abiding robots. He created kids, who bring Him glory and pleasure. He wants us to crawl on His lap and hold His finger and journey through life. He has always been about love and relationship. The bond Jesus exhibited with God the Father, is the prototype that we are supposed to enjoy with our Maker. God isn’t LONELY though. He is self sufficient. He does not NEED us. However, He WANTS us! Now that changes EVERYTHING!How often do we scroll through our social profiles? How often do we get excited when an unknown number messages or calls us? Every our notification tone comes on, we hurry to check who remembered to drop in a message on our Whatsapp! Why do we do that? It’s pretty simple. Because we have been designed for too! Our heart longs to have someone to listen to us. We all long for someone who laugh and cry with us, someone who wants to know what our deepest longings and fears are. The world can never provide that kind of company. Everyone is too busy sorting their own mess out. And so that friend that we have always wanted is actually our Abba Father! The great I AM. He is the best listener and the best adviser. He loves to listen to us and even longs to laugh at our lame jokes. That’s how a Friend this God can be! So today and everyday of your life God stands outside the door of your heart and says, “Hello? Anybody Home?” and now all that matters is, will you answer the call?We were never designed to have all the answers. It was always about dependency on the One who made us!Today you are cordially invited for a meal and a time of catching up with your Dad. Will you accept the invitation? (Revelation 3:20).

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